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April 06, 2008



They are truly wonderful!!


This is just wonderful! I was at Whole Foods Marlet this afternoon, and noticed among the fancy cheese, this beautiful package of Seville tortas. Many years ago, I feel in love with Seville, so I decided to try them.

They are WONDERFUL, and my mom is muching on one right now. I told her, let me google them, and here I am. It's great to know I am not alone! : )

gwen cracknell

I first had these in Portland, ME this past summer; I live in Portland,OR and cannot find them. Pleasehelp me find them in this area.They're a bit of heaven...so delicious.


Just picked some up on impulse & fell in love! I couldn't believe I'd never had/heard of them before. Googled them & found your blog--I'm definitely a convert!


Please can someone Please tell me which store carries olive tortas by Ines Rosales, I live in Roseville, Ca.

Julie in FL

I just discovered these at our local commissary and now my family is hooked! They sell them at Patrick AFB for $5.29/pkg. I agree w/the above poster in that the Sweet Olive Oil ones (anise) remind me of an italian pizzelle cookie. I'll admit, the packaging is what caught my eye. (I have a soft spot for old-fashioned, wax paper packaging.)

Over a week, we bought MANY packages (for family and friends to try, as well and to be sure we were well-stocked for a while) they're THAT good. I made sure there were more in supply before buying all that was on the shelf, and the clerk told me she would restock from the back. :)

I didn't realize there were other varieties and I will see about getting them to our commissary soon.

Thanks to other posters for the online links. I will bookmark these.

Janet Smith

A dear friend brought me some as a "hostess gift" this past weekend. I hope I can find them locally because they are fabulous!


My girlfriend and I just bought a pack out of curiosity at Whole Foods in NY (23rd St. & 7th Ave.).

As you can imagine, we are hooked! Thank you for the great write-up, and I loved that Antonio wrote you. Very cool.

tess gerritsen

LOVE these! Addicted to them and so happy I discovered them here in my Maine grocery store. Just picked them up on impulse and now can't stop eating them...


You all should try the Seville orange flavored ones.....yummmmmm!
I stumbled over them in a Fresh n Easy , n anything made in Spain should be good n delicious! They taste like my counties ' hojaldrez'.... Am enjoying it with coffee or tea, plain or best with cheese! Am looking to order directly to be shipped to me!


I love Sevilla olive oil tortas! my favorites are Vegajardin "tortas de aceite" they are really artisans and handmade. http://www.vegajardin.com/tortas-de-aceite-60

Norah Mendoza

I can no longer find these sweet olive oil tortas. (anise) flavored..the store that was carrying them now tells me that they are discontinued. Does anyone know of any distributor or store that sells in California? I love these tortas. Please help


You can get 4 different flavors of tortas here http://yummybazaar.com/collections/ines-rosales

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