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March 09, 2008



Lovely dish! I'm a lacto-vegetarian and would simply substitute tofu for the scallops. The mint and lime sound wonderful.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

The colors of this dish are screaming Spring! On this very dark post-Daylight Savings Time morning, it looks wonderful bright. And healthy. I always have edamame in my freezer, too.


Gorgeous! I find that I really crave things with spring-like colors at this time of year.


Yummy! I can't find shelled edamame anywhere here, so I never think of using them (because I'm a bit lazy about shelling them, isn't that ridiculous.)

I can't wait for spring either. I'm looking for someone to build grow boxes for my garden!


Sher, you are Vogue in food! Your dishes always fashionably delicious! So far I haven't seen any store carry edamame in here :(


I can't wait for Spring, either, and this does look like Spring on a plate!


This looks sooo good. I NEVER crave scallops, but your picture is literally making me salivate. And I'm a huge edamame fan. SO beautiful!



What a handsome spring plate you have there! I bought scallops from my fish gal the other day. Next time I am going to try them this way! I might have to use peas as they are my very favorite!


Hmm ... you might just have convinced me to give scallops another shot - I always find them too chewy and gritty. But this looks delicious!



I think tofu would be an excellant substitute for the scallops!


I think you probably have one of the best stocked and interesting pantrys! It would be fun to look through it!


I'm feeling such a craving for coloful foods too. And vine ripened tomatoes!


No shelled edamame? Not even at Costco? Ack! But, the raised boxes will take your mind off of that. I love mine, they are the best thing I did.


No shelled edamame there either? That too bad, but you are so inventive you would come up with a great substitute.


Yes, I feel very impatient to grow all the things I love.


I find scallops to be a bit iffy. Sometimes they don't taste very good. But, these were quite nice.


Peas would be a great choice!


Yes, I've had some disappointing scallops too. Not good. They aren't cheap!


I love scallops but am too cheap to buy them! Yours look perfect and I also puree my edamame too (but add olive oil and sometimes even cream...) I think you can will Spring early with food like this.


What a great way to use edamame. That meal looks tasty and healthy and it does remind me of spring. Nicely seared scallops.


Sher, I'll have to explore using Edamame..lots of it in the Asian stores here.

The scallops are most excellently seared.


Yes! Spring does come to mind. This looks beautiful and I do enjoy Edamame and of course scallops! Together they would be grand. And I have just one lime left over from my Lime Cream!


Wow, so simple and looks so yummy. Once again, I have a craving after visiting your blog. I made the Minnesota wild rice soup from a few weeks ago at a family gathering of about 25 people and it got rave reviews. I passed out the recipe to three people...so thanks again, again, again. Just wondering how it would freeze? I'm not a big fan of freezing soups but sometimes it's nice to know there is something quick in the freezer on those rushed days.

Katie B.

Such beautiful color contrasts! So perfect for this time of year!


I love shelling edamame. It reminds me of the old days when mom would sit on the porch and let us help her shell beans.

We love scallops and this recipe is one I have written down! I always buy my scallops at Taylors Market, The Nugget, or Whole Foods. Makes a big difference!


I'm getting the feeling that everything you make looks delicious!


That just looks so good. I'm not really supposed to eat scallops, but man... seafood always, always tempts me. This looks just lovely.


Another great recipe and outstanding photos! And I'm jealous of your weather pixie wearing a sleevless top!


I love the colors in this. I wish I could get edamame here... Oh well, can't have everything!


Mmmmm...love scallops and that dish does look extra springy.


Hey I made this the other day after going through my magazines. I was looking for Marthas write up and found your blog with this entry. I linked to you in my post. Wasnt this delicious?



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