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February 03, 2008



The corn pancake with the egg yolk all over it looks really good!




Great way to dive into the pantry and come out with something delicious! I'm definitely going to try this one.


Now those look good! Wonder if I could sneak them to my kids somehow?


I might try this to sneak veggies into my husbands diet. They look great.

Katie B.

Such a great idea! Looks soooo yummy!


No meat needed with a meal like this!!


Perfect indeed, and clever! I'm wanting some of these right now! And the photo of the yolk oozing over the pancake knocks me out!


You're right about eggs saving the day. They certainly have come to my rescue numerous times when the cupboards were otherwise bare!


How did this one slip past me? These look incredible. You need to cook from an "empty" pantry more often. This is the food I really enjoy!!


Okay well I just dropped by because I've been trying to contact you through email and got the "redfern" sent back and haven't heard from you from the yahoo address, so I wanted to make sure you received it.. but now I'm drooling over that broken egg/corn pancake photo! OMG.. looks SO GOOD!

Thanks for not having much in your pantry! heheheee! :)



that looks devine, i loved the image of chick in a tree -so cute...

when are you going to open up that place of yours as a b&b? hahah!


I sometimes get stuck. I want to fix a new egg dish, besides the usual stuff, but do not know where to turn. Ah-ha! You have it for me! Looks and sounds yummy Sher!


Oh wow! I'm so impressed with what you came up with from a bare pantry. I could sit down to that meal any day. Love the photo of the cut egg. mmmm...love the runny yolk.

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