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December 19, 2007



I hate to admit that I'd probably hide them. If there is something really good in the house, my husband always eats all of it and doesn't feel guilty. I think I could eat all of these and not feel guilty!!

Butta Buns

Here's my 2 cents. Regifting is bloody rude, especially when the gift is so lovingly hand crafted. Your cousin gave these to you as a gift. It would be wrong wrong wrong to give them to anybody else. (Though if you want to pass me a plate, I won't tell a soul.)

Merry Christmas to you Sher!


Yummy and beautiful photos! I love your plate a lot.


They remind me of Greek wedding cookies. Lovely. I would eat them..not hide them. Does Upsie eat cookies? With the diabetes, probably not.


the problem with these is that one leaves a tell tale trail of smudges and crumbs... hard to hide even from undiscerning eyes!


Isn't everything better when it's shared? I'll be happy to share with you -- those really do look like the most delicious cookies!


Russian Tea Cakes is what we call them but MWC are my favorite Christmas cookie...well the tie with frosted cut outs.


Should you share? Well, you can share them with me! Yummy!


Nah......the only thing you should share is the recipe with us, your faithful readers!


Check out Chris' recipe at http://melecotte.blogspot.com/2007/12/twelve-days-of-cookies.html and you'll have the idea. :)

Eat them or share them - there're sure to be more coming!


Hide 'em! You can always say you thought they were a personal gift and that you didn't want to hurt her feelings by giving them away. Snicker.


Yes, please share them with me ;-P! Your cookies look beautiful and ever so pretty!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!!!



Yes, please share them with me ;-P! Your cookies look beautiful and ever so pretty!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!!!


Patricia Scarpin

Sher, of course you should sher them - with me!!! :)


Hey Sher, you surely can share them with me! They look too pretty to eat though. I had tons of fun making the Lace Cookies this morning. More on those later!


Uhhh, YEAH! You should SHER them about 2,500 miles ...due EAST!

Merry Christmas Love.


I hope you're enjoying each cookie. I'd suggest calculating the number of minutes remaining before anybody arrives and divide that by the number of cookies left and then you'll know how much you can spread them out! Enjoy!
If there are really just to many, I'm available to help.


Yum! The only way you should share those is if you're mailing them to me!


Oh - I am afraid, while we are in the season of giving, I would have to grab and run. Typically not a huge cookie eater, I love Mexican Wedding Cookies and cannot resist their lure. I might rationalize things and say I have been so stressed at work, and my life has been in a bit of a tizzy, I might have to give to....myself! :)



You're absolutely right! I realized that people eat goodies up in my house without blinking an eye! So, I did eat most of them.

Butta Buns,

I loved your theory that sharing would just be re-gifting! Hilarious and brilliant, all in one! :):)\


Thank you--the plates were a gift from a friend. Good to use them!


Yes, they are like Greek Wedding Cookies. My mom called them Pecan Sandies. And Upsie doesn't like sweets! Imagine that!


Now, I would love to share them with my readers!!!!! :):)


Yes, they leave lots of evidence--all over my shirt!


I would have shared with you! And I did let others have a few. A few!


Yes, Russian Tea Cakes--I've had them too. Love them!


Next time, I'll share with you--promise! :):)


Thank you!!!! I will make some soon! :)


I sort of hid them. I put them in an obscure place, so they were overlooked by everyone but me!


Thank you--and I would share with you anytime! Happy Holidays to you and the kitties!


OK, I will make some and fly to visit! :):)


I saw those lace cookies! You did a marvelous job--better than when I make them.


Oh John, I'm wishing you have lots of holiday cheer and some great cookies!!!! And a great date, too. :):)


Well, I like your method very much. The cookies are gone, so I'll try out the calculations when I make more of them! :)


I can just imagine how much powdered sugar there would be all over you--and Isabella!!!!


I did find a way to rationalize that I deserved most of them. I'm stressed too--and they were much better than Prozac!!!!!


Lie, hide and keep...see I am helping your conscience!! In the meantime and in between two bites, please share the recipe!!


Really, unless there are a LOT left it would be cruel to tease with just a few...
It would be a kindness to keep them to yourself. It's important to be kind this time of year...
But if I were there, you'd share, right?

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