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December 17, 2007



Unreal. My dad was in the air force and money was always tight. Two winters in a row we survived on neck bone stew. Your hominy and bacon sounds rich indeed.


Neck bone stew sounds great!!! What kind of neck bones? I once had a stew made with chicken neck bones and it was delicious.


I haven't had hominy in years! It does sound good with some bacon crumbled on top!


Lawdy - I don't even know what hominy is! Looks good, though. Mmm'kay - I'm off to do some googlification.


I ate hominy as a child as well. We ate it alongside eggs, and bacon, but I can't say I've had it in a longggggg time.


Oh yum. My mom cooked this too, although never with quite as much style as your dish here! Hers was pretty plain, but we still liked it.


Oh, how I wish I could convince myself that hominy and kale taste just like chocolate and potato chips....


Looks good! Hominy sounds interesting, I will have to look for some to try.


Hi Sher! I want to thank you so much for the "Seasoned Eatings" spice package you sent me. I just got back from being in Ohio the past 2 weeks and was so excited to come home to my package! I gathered up all the ingredients for the cookies yesterday and will be baking today or tomorrow for the roundup. I will post the cookies as soon as they are ready. So nice to meet you and I will be back to you soon!


You rule Sher -- this looks soooo good... I got all the ingredients and will be making it either tomorrow or Friday! I'll report back then...


We had hominy when I was a kid too and that's just how my mom fixed it. Small world.


Hey Sher -- Made your recipes tonight with minor modifications... It was hard for me to get used to hominy in a non-mexican food context, but I did add some sauteed onions and garlic to it, along with freshly grated parmesan, and the cheese really was a good addition...

Thanks for the inspiration -- I love your blog!


Oh man, what a deprived childhood I had. My mom did not cook hominy. I didn't even know what hominy tasted like until I left home and started cooking for myself. Now I love it. Now I would like some of yours Sher! :)


how are you?
my name is shiran and i really likes your cooking!
about the brussels sprous
what do you think i can use instead of sausage?- because i usually dont it sausage
and i really whant cook this soup.

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