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November 09, 2007



Fabulous photos and Squirrels!


That squirrel hanging upside down is too cute! I am a pushover for a furry tummy, even if it belongs to a rodent. Still, I miss Upsie!

Sasha and Sergei are showing off their furry white paws:

Thanks for hosting, y'all!


Apology accepted. I've decided to give in and let the squirrels eat my pumpkins down to the stems now. The two left standing have huge gaping holes in them.

That said, I'm still searhing Epicurious for acorn brownie recipes for next Halloween right this very second. ;)

Awesome pictures too! Love the upside-down one.


Aww, the squirrels are all growed up! So cute. You are the awesomest of awesome Mums.


Ahhh, we loves watching squirrels. I had a flat tire last summer and the squirrels had filled my spare tire with acorns!

Stasia says hello to all from her nap. http://zazamataz.com/?p=858


Here's our kitten link for the weekend. How I wish I could send lots of acorns for the squirrels. They are so adorable.


CatSynth (Amar & Luna)

Hi squirrels. Thanks for guest hosting. Please save some room for Upsie and sher :)


Great squirrel pics. My favorite is the upside-down one, definitely a Tummy Tuesday shot. My kitty link is http://mindofmog.net/archives/2007/11/10/cat-friendly/


Wow! Look at those babies all grown up. My mommy feeds the squirrels so I can watch them outside the window. They always have peanuts and corn so they are getting nice and chubby for winter.
Come visit me sometime www.mrhendrixthekitty.blogspot.com

Mr. Hendrix the Kitty.

Pia K

Adorable as usual, thanks for hosting!

Here's us this weekend:


Those squirrels are extremely cute! I really love the fourth picture! He looks so happy like a Buddha while eating acorn...

If you want to know how Fridolin behaves when I am trying to get some sleep, then here's my link:

Thanks for hosting the event!

Cheers and have a nice Sunday,


Samantha & Tigger

Cute squirrels!! Especially the tummy shot!
Here is ours for the week. Thanks for hosting!
Mom thinks Samantha sleeps funny! What do you think?

Megan & Bad Kitty Cats

Hi Upsie and Sher! Oh my the Vermin have grown! Can't wait to see the roundup! Count us in, (finally normal is approaching) and here is the link.. Hugs Purrs and Thanks



The squirrels are just wonderful. That photo of the one upside down is a hoot. I hope people come to my site and let their kitties read their Bible because it is Sunday!


Voici mes participations pour ce nouveau cat-blogging :
Merci à toi et bon dimanche, bises !


Hi Sher and Squirrels! Thank you so much for hosting WCB this weekend. Kamikaze is celebrating his bigness and the squirrels bigness this weekend. Here's the link: http://igot2shoes.blogspot.com/2007/11/wcb-127-mister-big.html


Hi to Sher and those adorable squirrels. I love that upside down picture! Here's my link showing how China Cat loves her sunspot.



Thanks for hosting this weekend!

Here's my post:


We are sorry that we are so late this time. And we have our WCB Post up at our bloggie this week: http://catboys.paulchens.org/?p=199
Thanks for hosting!

The squirrels are furry cute and they have grown lots!
Upsie we hope you are doing well wif your insulin shots!

love and hugs
K&O plus Momma Astrid


Thanks for hosting! Here are some kookies for you!



Tina's late too, she's been too busy getting us out of bed at 6am to get fed to be cat blogging.

Megan & Bad Kitty Cats

Hey you vermin, showing off upside down. We think you have done a great roundup! Most excellent. And we are very sorry we chase our Vermin around now. :( We will stick to the snakes.



Hi!! Thanks for hosting WCB this weekend!! I'd like to participate! Here is my link:


what kind of place are you running over there? your just letting everyone in these days!



You take the greatest pics. Did Upsie say "talk to the paw?" on this post? I do hope she is getting better and jumping higher every day! : ) Love from VA.



As usual, I can hardly even bear the cuteness of your squirrels. I LOVE THEM.

I live for cuteness.


The squirrels are so cute! And I'm very impressed they can eat upside down. Now, that's a trick.


Wow, look how they've grown up. :) So adorable. And thanks for the angel hair and chicken recipe. Sounds like a perfect weekday meal!


That picture of the squirrel hanging upside down and eating is too cute for words. (I think I've said that about your squirrel pictures before but I can't help it -- I just find squirrels so darned cute.)

Greg Horning

Fox squirrels are nice . . . and very trainable.

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