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November 29, 2007



Oh you are amazing. I don't think I would dare attempt this.


We've had some real timbale disasters in our kitchen -- mostly a problem of them not setting up, and then being unmolded all over the floor.... maybe it's time to try again!


Fantastic, Sher! I have never tried to make timbale before... Heard so many disaster and all. Perhaps I should try once and see :)


Sher, the timbales are a smash...what a visual beauty and the sauce is classic, tasty.


They really are fabulous. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights. This one is perfect for our big 40th bash.


Wow! That is so cool! I just love it.


What a gorgeous presentation.


Wow! They came out just perfectly! I love making timbales...when they work they make such an elegant presentation. And the breadcrumbs....step away is right!


Big Night..my most favorite food movie ever! The mini-timable looks good too...but when I think of Big Night I crave scrambled eggs.


You've demystified the Big Night Timbale and who better to help than MC? This is adoreable and I like the shaggy breadcrumb hair do.


This is really intriguing! I love this type of pasta...and the first picture is beautiful! Very artistically plated/conceptualized.


This looks good and sounds tasty. I like the idea of molding the pasta into a nice shape.



It was actually very easy. I was quite surprised.


I hope this wasn't a fluke. I want to make them again--so I hope the next time is as easy as this one.


I fully expected this to be a disaster too. Not sure why it worked so well. Glad it wasn't. :)


Thank you--I had fun making them. And eating them too!


Happy 40th. Your event is a big success!


Thanks--I did have fun doing this. I was so excited when the first one unmolded.


Thanks, coming from you, that's high praise! :)


Yes, I could have made a meal just on the breadcrumbs! :)


That was such a great film. I loved Tony Shaloub in it.


Someday, when I have the courage, I'll make one like Big Night. Now that would be a challenge.


Thank you. It was a lot of fun to eat them too! :)


It's a very simple recipe--but molding it makes it suddenly special!


Not quite on the scale of Stanleys one but an acceptable recipe never the less lol.


Wow -- you've found the one Chiarello dish that doesn't take 3 days to prepare. :) How delicious those timbales look. I love your admonition to step away after tasting the bread crumb mixture; I would eat it all, for sure.


Those are super-cute, and so much easier than the pasta version! Plus, it wouldn't be too difficult to make vegan.


Well it seems so easy.. I'll to try as I love timbales. this one is very unusual..
Thanks so much
kisses from chantal

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