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October 04, 2007



This sounds like a wonderful pasta soup. It is also great for us, too. The weather here has been quite cold and windy lately even we are in middle of spring.


We could use some of this around here too...I am breaking out the flannel sheets! Looks nice and hearty.


I adore sausages and lentils together so that photo had me swooning! Great idea :)


One of my tricks for getting the smoky flavor into dishes when I don't want to add meat is to use a bit of barbeque sauce. That would work well in this recipe, too. But sausage and lentils are a winter favorite in my house.


Looks hearty and tasty. I have only cooked with lentils once before. It is about time to try them again.


It does look great. Similar yet different to one I just made. Great minds think alike! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.


Mmmmm...that looks delicious! Would love to have a bowl of it right now.


Mon mari likes 'thoup'... I love soup in any shape or consistency and eat it lots in the winter. I'm really looking forward to winter cooking, too.
Lentils and pasta...perfect - those little pennette or so cute!


I am a soup lover as well...and if I need a lift, I have to have a bowl of noodle soup..and kind. Grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of tomato soup..oh yes! I love cooler temps for the same reasons you shared...pot roasts and hearty soup.



What a splendid looking, rich, yummy soup, Sher. I have been craving something with lentils...even though its still pretty darn warm here in GA, I guess I'm starting to think autumn, and soups! I love the cute little sage leaf garnish too. :-)


MAN... that looks good. :)

Laura Lee

Hi Sher,

A good friend pointed me to your blog today. And I noticed that you tracked me down! The recipe I tried was fabulous. In fact, everything I've seen here so far looks really tempting. Your blog will be a favorite stop in my day, I'm sure.

mosaic cats

Every time we come visit we start drooling before your page fully loads.


Mmmm, the essence of fall, captured very nicely, Sher!




Man that looks hearty and comforting. I really lack the desire to create something like this- now that I am working it's almost impossible for me to dredge up any desire to cook! I'm drooling over this!


Oh how I love lentils in all ways. This looks super. And yes it is really great how you can get the urge for lentils and do it on short anticipation time.


I made this tonight and it was deeeeeelicious! Thanks for sharing it!

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