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October 01, 2007



Sher, count me in for whole milk yoghurt, too! I love Greek yoghurt, because its creaminess is similar to the Vietnamese version of yourghurt....

Oh Sher, you really have to try the Vietnamese version one day!! best if you can go to Hanoi to sample it in one very famous shop. They have different types of yoghurt with different textures (soft, semi-hard and frozen)... I miss such taste so much!!!


I can't eat all he walnut? Or lick the bowl?!?!? You take all the fun out of it. Greek yogurt is very common here - but, then, the yogurt section in our supermarkets is one entire aisle, both sides. We eat a lot of yogurt...


count me in too Sher! I tasted non-fat yoghurt once... then, never!
This dessert (or breakfast, or meal for anytime!) is so good, worth for a fight with your squirrls babies for that walnuts :)


Me, too -- I'm in the "whole milk" Greek yogurt camp. I don't eat it that often, but when I do, I want all of the rich flavor and texture.


Got to try this next, I have never had Greek Yogurt :( Maybe I will be a convert


Great to see that you've discovered greek yogurt and this simple yet delicious part of a breakfast.


I only recently discovered Greek yogurt. It is so good!


I've never seen yogurt I so wanted to eat than yours Sher! Great photos!!
I don't think it's always been in the grocery, only just arrived because people started asking for it.


omg i agree 100% whole milk only. i eat it w/ a spoonful of strawberry jam for desert but i must say the coating of walnuts in honey is brilliant! such beautiful pictures too as always.

ps. if i were a baby squirrel and fell out of my tree i sure would hope it would be in your town. hugs to you :)


I'm also in the whole milk camp! A simple, yet very gratifying dessert...




Wow! Nice picture! That looks pretty spectacular, and it sounds pretty easy to put together.


I've never had Greek yoghurt, Sher, but like you, keep hearing/reading about how wonderful it is! Judging from your photos, I'd say its all true. :-)


Wow, that looks incredible!


oh, yum.

now you'll live forever!


I've never tried this either but I'll look for it at Trader Joe's. Is it sugar free (without the honey - of course)?


That looks really good! I have been having a hard time finding Greek style yogurt... I will have to try harder.


Sher, let's find out from Anh where that shop is in Vietnam and go there together to try out the yogurt!

(I have to say the Fage Total Yogurt is pretty darn good, and it's fat free!)

Natural Leap

This is exactly what my hubby described to me when he lived in Athens. Wish I could find someone who supplied it our rural town....thanks for sharing...Di


I love Fage. Is the yoghurt you are talking about called Greek Yoghurt?


Oh yum! I've never even tasted Greek yogurt, but your pictures are making me drool.


Oh how I love Greek yogurt. I was first introduced to it in Australia, and I haven't found the same stuff here. I miss it!


So simple, yet so yummy.


I am obsessed with the stuff too - I eat mine with blueberries and honey...but I might have to try your version.


Sher- I usually scoff at lowfat things...but I really like lowfat Fage. It is so rich and decadent wholefat might be an 11. I'm with you on the walnuts and honey too.


I discovered the joys of Greek yogurt just a short time ago and have become addicted. With walnuts and honey? Swoon!!


The greek yogurt with honey and walnuts looks great. But try it drizzled with real maple syrup and some granola - that's good too.


Oh my god that looks amazing. Thanks for the tasty idea.

- random googler



Saw it on a morning show (appearing with honey and nuts ), went out a few hours later to get some, added organic chocolate syrup and raisins and it is all I have eaten for the last 2 days.
I have a Red Snapper (over marinating) in the fridge as I am trading off meals for this (dessert/meal).....

You are right, I am powerless!


I used to buy the greek goddess greek yoghurt with honey at Costco and at Trader Joes. Both seemed to have stopped carrying it. I am now in Cape Coral/Fort Myers FL area and cant find any really good RICH greek yohurt. Anyone know where I can buy it. The Publix version is weak!


I'm from Singapore and just discovered Greek yogurt. I've never thought of trying it with jam so I just did and it's so delicious! I sprinkle mixed nuts and some cornflakes on it as well. It's a heavenly combination. I also add Greek yogurt to my morning smoothies before I rush off to work. It really thickens my smoothie and I feel much fuller for longer :)

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