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September 28, 2007



Good. I'm glad to hear that all is well. And if I blogged my dinner last night (animal crackers) I believe my comment total would be in the negative numbers. ;)


Yes, well when I was a child I used to think I'd be in charge and control when I grew up. It hasn't happened yet: not in charge, not in control, not organized and maybe not grown up either.
Glad it's just the squirrels giving you the run around!


Hi Sher,

Just seeing what you're up to. Hope life is good for you. I enjoyed my visit in your Golden State a few weeks ago. : )



Hey, nothing wrong with bagel chips, they're delicious :)


Somebody has to take care of those darling babies. There aren't any here.
Relax, and enjoy them...


Do take care Sher and keeping busy with these squirrels is good. I realised by some fluke I'm contributing to my squirrel community - they eat the kitties food! They're not tame like yours as they always run off if I approach them.


I was wondering if you were ok, so I'm glad you're just busy and taking a break. Enjoy it and relax whenever you get the chance!


Glad you're doing well! I've missed your posts, but babies are worthy blog-stoppers!


You should have blogged your dinner last night!! It would have been the perfect Presto Pasta Night entry!! Take care of yourself. A mental health break is a good thing.

Joy T.

MMMmmm Ramen noodles :o) You're a good squirrel mom for saving all those babies who fall out of the tree. I have to say I've learned a bit about squirrels since coming here. Never in a million years did I think squirrels fell out of trees. I mean. Isn't it instinct NOT to go too close to the edge?? Or maybe they're pushed by sibling squirrels? Mom throws them out? I don't know, but they sure are cute!


I'm glad to see that you are doing well! You know, I'd love to read a post concerning those ramen noodles and bagel chips...




Hey, we can all only do what we can do and you've certainly had your hands full for the last several weeks! Hang in there!


i wish i lived next door. you could come to my house for dinner every night [coffee breaks, too, during the day], because anyone who cares for orphan animals is #1 in my cookbook!

hugs and scritches to all the babies.

long luxurious pets and nuzzles to upsie.


Hi Sher,
Thanks for stopping by my place. Hope things are coming together there and the babies are too!


Ahh, yes. We had them falling out of the trees and into our swimming pool, once upon a time. The animal rescue people took them, nursed them back to health ... and then released them back into our back yard, to breed some more.


Are you CRAZY??? I would LOVE to read about your ramen noodles and bagel chips.

For instance.. what flavor noodles and what flavor chips? Did they play well off each other? Do you use the full flavor packet or do you only use 1/2 to cut down the 9,983 grams of sodium? Do you enhance your noodles in anyway? Add green onion? Thinly sliced beef or pork? Do you cut your noodles and eat them in a civilized manner or do you slurp them in their natural form, not caring if the juices run down your chin?


Hope all is well! I heart you!


Thinking about you and hope that everything goes better for you! *Hugs*


That squirrel looks so cute! :) Hope you are doing better!


I'm glad you're doing OK sher, and yes do tell about your ramen noodle and bagel chip dinner... :) I've had those nights too!


If that isn't a cute little face, I just don't know what is. Hard to resist.

I agree with whaleshaman. If I was anywhere nearby I'd make dinner for you too in appreciation of your orphaned animal efforts!


It ain't easy being the Patron Saint of all Foundling Squirrels, but I'm sure it's much appreciated!

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