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August 06, 2007



This is my type of comfort meal, too. Your recipe sounds so wonderful, I gotta try it!

Ps: sometimes I add some aged balsamic vinegar to the mushroom mixture to enhance the taste! :D


Oh heaven. I love this kind of food. It's simple easy and tastes so good!


My garden is filled with parsley now, so thanks for another lovely and simple recipe that will use it!


mmmmmm,this is got my name and number all over it. chris doeant like mushrooms so i only ear them very rarely. looks, droooool, delicious!


I'd love to eat this meal. Yum.


Where do you buy your Bratwurst from ? I love them but haven't been able to find the right kind.
The mushroom sounds easy and delicious


I absolutely adore mushrooms - I want some of this now!!

The Cooking Ninja

I love mushrooms cooked in garlic.


Make sure everyone in the family eats them.... and the neighbors.... pets....


Yes more kisses for the chef!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Mmmm ~I can smell it cooking from here. That looks like a meal!


I LOVE bratwurst. In fact, this makes me want to find some fresh bratwurst to make and have with a delicious side like your mushrooms. Mmmmm.


Sounds wonderful! Now I've got to have a bratwurst sandwich. Darn you!!! :))


O M G! Fantastic!

Farmgirl Susan

Yes! This is the recipe I was thinking of. Sounds like the perfect way to use a pound of mushrooms. Can't wait to try it. Thanks so much, Sher! ; )


I tried the mushrooms recipe and added a table spoon or so of lime juice,Love the tangy taste of it.Thanks for sharing!

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