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July 04, 2007



I know it must have been difficult to wait that long for dessert but it looks fantastic...worth the extra time!


It looks delicious! A bit of crunch goed nice with cherries and ice cream.... Actually, anything goes nice with cherries and ice cream....

Didn't know johnnycake was white cornmeal. My day is done, I learned something new!

Kelly Cat's vacationing human

Never been a plum fan, but that recipe and those pictures sure look good...


mmmm... now that I'm conquering my baking fears this looks like something I could conquer. And it sounds delicious! Thanks Sher!


For some reason that I don't understand, Rhode Islanders cannot agree on whether johnnycake is spelled with or without an "h". I've seen it both ways, as jonnycakes (or johnnycakes) are very popular here. Either way, the name comes from "journeycake", named for the itinerant tradesmen who supposedly invented it.


omg sher, i haven't thought about johnnycakes in forever! i'm from RI too and remember every year going to the johnnycake festival...

there are so many delicious quirky snacks you can only get in RI, i really need a coffee milk this morning!!


Thanks for the warning about ingredients getting funny ideas, need to stay in control in my kitchen... I have always been curious about that recipe in Julia, now I'll be sure to try it (and I think I'd prefer the 4X crunchier version, like a sweetened cheeto!) Great recipe idea.


I'm a crust gal...the more crust the better, so this looks like my kind of tasty treat!


Sher, Wow, that looks spectacular 4th of July to me! I love cornmeal cakes and biscuits and would think this would be excellent. I've made a note re your experience here in my copy of this book. I already had this one marked.


So sorry for the troubles but it looks delicious! And I bet you have a cherry pitter, unlike me. :-)


Yum. Cherries have got to be one of my most favorite fruits. This looks delicious (despite the pesky preparation)!


Ooooh, plum cobbler sounds shibby good!


Wow, that looks amazing!!! I think I just figured out what I'm making for breakfast this weekend.

Patricia Scarpin

Even though you had problems baking the cobbler, it looks mouthwatering, Sher!


Well, problems or no problems, this looks postively yummy. :b


Ooh how delicious! My Grandpa used to make something similar but with peaches! I've never thought of doing the Johnnycake version though- sounds really yummy.

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