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May 30, 2007



That dressing does look delicious, and my tarragon plant is already waiting to be cut in the garden (for some reason, in the past two years the tarragon has decided that it likes the conditions in my garden, and it's grown quite bush-like). Tarragon and shellfish is a great combination. Glad you are feeling better, Sher.


That roll looks amazing, Sher. I just planted my yearly tarragon plant :D I wish I could keep it alive during the winter, but I suck at that. Anyhoo, I love the taste of fresh tarragon as well and I can't wait to try with this shrimp salad. Yum!

Glad the beasty is going away!

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, it looks so good!
I should start using tarragon more often.


mmmm... I picked up some tarragon scented apple cider vinegar at the greenmarket this weekend that would taste divine in this dressing. Thanks for the idea and I'm really glad you're feeling better!

Butta Buns

It must have been torture to have something that delicious around and not able to eat it. I'm glad that the beast is quieting down.

I'm planning on making some lobster rolls this weekend and might try this dressing for it.


So glad you are feeling better!
Diet by stomach beast is never a favorite.
I, also, love tarragon but I have a hard time with it in my garden. The tasteless Russian variety does great and looks pretty but the much more flavorful French variety struggles each year (how ironic)

taboo & whaleshaman

dear sher,

both taboo & i are so happy to hear you appear to be on the mend.


that's an order. we don't like worrying.

and speaking of orders, can we get about half a dozen of them there pretty delish looking shrimp rolls to go?

thanks. and a tickle for all the furballs.

Susan from Food

I'm so sorry you have been unwell, Sher. I hope you're back to normal and enjoying any food you'd like very soon! Your recipe is lovely.


I'm growing tarragon for the first time and looking for ideas to use it. This dressing sounds wonderful. So many interesting and complex flavors going on. Hope you are all better soon.


Sher, hope you are better now. Thanks for a great recipe again! This looks so wonderful, :)


silly me, i thought those eggplants were figs for a minute! haha

shrip rolls look delicious, happy to hear the beast is losing his strength!


Eggplant! I also thought they were figs, and was intrigued by pairing them with the Shrimp Salad Roll. Which I've bookmarked to try soon!


I like shrimp sandwiches...I have a favorite one from a local cafe, but let me tell you, your's looks so much tastier! I must use tarragon more!


One can order these delicious looking rolls? May we place an order then? *giggle*

This sounds very fine for a delish lunch for us I'd better bookmark it. :o)

It's so good to hear you're better again. We missed you :o)


What an amazing sandwich. I would kill to have that for dinner tonight.

So sorry to hear about your stomach. I hope it is getting better. I have never had the best stomach either, so I sympathize.


So glad to know your stomach is starting to feel soothed. It truly is a gift to be able to eat and digest food well! The Shrimp bad boys look ooh so good, and I adore these baby eggplants. Keep feeling better.


I'm glad to hear that you're starting to feel better.

This looks absolutely delicious! I love the little eggplants and that shrimp roll look perfect!


Sher, I do hope you are on the mend, my dear.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Yummy! I have some left over shrimp in the fridge~ Taragon would be perfect.


I really like that sweet flavor of tarragon and the dressing recipe sounds very herby and delicious; thanks for sharing. But I must admit what caught my eye was not the dressed shrimps: those little grilled eggplants!! Yummy!


I really like that sweet flavor of tarragon and the dressing recipe sounds very herby and delicious; thanks for sharing. But I must admit what caught my eye was not the dressed shrimps: those little grilled eggplants!! Yummy!


Hi! Mama made tarragon vinegar by getting good white wine vinegar and putting two or three fresh tarragon herb branches into it. We made it little at a time, delicious. She would also put some of it into water with ice and sip it through a straw, with her eyes closed!!! This was 50 years ago, still is good for a home remedy, especially if you are weary.

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