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May 16, 2007



Such sweet little kitties to give you the cutie of a chicken!
Oh my that soup does look so good.
Sleep, sleep little girl, perhaps to dream...


Might I recommend the book 'Eating Up Italy' by Matthew Fort as some dream inducing bedtime reading? It's a fabulous travelouge about eating one's way through Italy. Might not help you sleep but it'll give you some new recipes! I hope you get some sleep soon. god I hate insomnia... But the soup looks delish! (and what a cool rooster, is Jacques jealous?)


tasty! Another way to use chickpeas, great idea! The chicken looks hungry. Great job by Antonio. I am sorry to hear about your sleeping troubles. For tonight, rest well and sweet dreams.


I love my soup so thick like yours :) These days I need 8 hours...at least... for my sleep :D

Patricia Scarpin

I'm not sleep deprived yet I would gladly eat this! :)


I love this thick soup, and it looks simple to prepare too!

Hope you get enough sleep okay?


So I've had 2 cans of ceci beans sittin in my pantry for 2 months now. I should prolly use 'em, eh? =)

Thanks for sharing!


Susan from Food "Blogga"

We always referred to chickpeas as ceci in our house and even affectionately as "che" like pasta "che." I eat them all the time and will definitely try this recipe. In fact, I'm having hummus for lunch today. See what I mean?


Love the chicken!


awwww, i'm sorry your sleep deprived - thats the worste. i love the upsie and sdk present, so cute and the soup looks delish!!


What thoughtful little kitties you have!

I have a couple of Italy travelogue books that could keep you company during those long hours... send me an email with your addy, and I'll mail them off to you tomorrow!


Nice rooster! lol


Sher, this soup is fabulous! I would love to have a bowl although I am sleeping very well normally. :P


Oh, how well do I know that death in the day, alert in the night feeling! Up until the first of May I had a job I mostly worked in the afternoon and evenings, but now I am on an 8 to 5 schedule like the rest of the world and let me tell you, it's tough. I just don't like the looks of 8AM!

But the soup, now that I like the looks of. Garbanzos, or cece beans, or chick peas, whatever the name I love them. In a salad, in hummus, anywhere. And I can't stand brothy soups- I want to have to drag my spoon through and leave a trench. Yum!
Yours looks like it would pass the trench test easy. And it is such a pretty color.



Lovely soup, Sher! Bean soup is about the only type I'll eat -- this one will be saved for when it dips below 95 degrees again.



Thank you--I'm hoping to go to sleep before midnight tonight. Fingers crossed!


I blindfolded all my chicken pots and pottery, so they don't see this darling little guy from Mexico! Thank you for the name of the book--would love to read that.


Thank you--I always have my hope that I'll get at least 7 hours sleep. Maybe tonight..... :):)


Ahhh--how I would love to sleep 8 hours. That sounds like heaven! :):)


I'm so glad you get your sleep, then you can keep cooking your wonderful recipes!


Thank you! Yes, the soup is very nice, and very simple to make. Inexpensive too!


The recipe takes exactly two cans of chickpeas--so you're ready! Start your engines!


I will probably be calling them ceci beans more and more. It sounds so pretty--though I like chickpeas too! :)


I do too! I love chickens.


I love the present too--glad their dad helped them pick it out! :):)


Thank you--that's so nice of you. I'll send you the addy. Yes, nice kitties! Cheese and chickens, quite a haul for me!


He is--the designs amaze me!


I'm so glad you are sleeping well. Don't stop! :):)


I think you will like the soup. It is thick, but fluffy at the same time! :):) Sorry about the new job schedule! I feel for you!


I hear you---when it's very hot, I like to switch to cold soups! :):)


What a popular soup! We must have lots of sleep deprived bloggers around! It sounds absolutely delicious and one that I am definitely going to try, being a huge chick pea fan!


Thats a beautiful Chicken. Didn't know chickpeas are known as "Ceci Beans"


So glad you said "ceci beans." My mother used to call them that, being Italian, and it used to embarrass me, but now of course I love to use Italian words. But, you know, when you're a kid you don't want to be "weird." Back then people didn't even use the word "pasta"!

But I digress. I adore chickpea soup. There's a white-bean soup I make from a Marcella Hazan book; I think it would work great with ceci. It's just garlic, olive oil, the precooked beans, a little meat broth, parsley, salt and pepper. So good.

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