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April 02, 2007



Oh my God, this looks delicious, but yeah, after what happened, I don't blame you for not wanting to make it again. Do you think it would have been tasty if you hadn't of had the mishap?


dear sher, this is your funniest fun-with-food adventure yet!

i can't stop laughing.

thanks for doing it so we don't have to.

next time, try a jelly pizza -- http://jellypizza.blogspot.com/2006/03/jelly-pizza.html

[i know, i know, that was a not so little bit of shameless self-promotion, sorry but it's a really good dessert, s'all i'm saying. but beware, it also has a high burn potential.]


Thank you so much for sharing your kitchen disaster! I like to know that there are other food bloggers out there that have the same problems that I do.

Butta Buns

Aarrrgghhh! Those beautiful precious Krispy Kremes..oh the agony!!!!

I must say that I enjoy your cooking mishaps as much as your successes.

PS I hope your fingers are okay. Cuts and burns are the bakers' battle scars.


Never again will I have anything in my mouth (water today) when I click on through to read a post of yours. Only by the grace of a higher power did my computer survive: watched another kid vomit up a large quantity of Libby's Fruit Cocktail.

That being said, I would have thought you'd do it again but only up to the doughnut croutons and stop there.
Wonderful photo's untill...well let's don't go back there.


Oh dear.

Even if it was a failure, it made a great post!


oooooh nooooo... your dessert really sounds super-duper nice. Just, just that darn part...*heartache* But you are such a daring darling, 10 (+ 2) yolks!!! Even merely look at the no. I feel like going back to rehab *lol* But I like it (recipe) :D


Awww, I'm so sorry it didn't turn out. I don't blame you for not wanting to try it again either. It sounds like a delicious idea, but I would have been turned off too if that happened!

Krispy Kreme donuts are the devil, I tell you. They are so good it's not even funny. Talk about a great way to sabotage one's diet!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I wondered how a pan of donuts could turn into a disaster...
I bet the still tasted good- how could you go wrong when you start with krispy kremes.


For reasons I will not mention here, I happen to know that functional turkey basters are great at sucking up unwanted liquid! Sorry that your pudding burned. It was beautiful before the water episode!


Oh, LOL! I just had to laugh! So, was this a "Show me a sign! Anything! Really!" experience? So, the KK bread pudding wasn't going to fly anyway, so if the first sign wasn't heeded, there was another one, and another...
Anyway, good effort, and I kind of like charred food, and I bet you I would have eaten it!



I think it would have been good, if all the calamities hadn't occurred. I was so disgusted by everything--I didn't feel like eating it--or dealing with all the calories! :)


I've seen your recipe for Jelly Pizza and I really like the way it looks. I must try that! :)


Yes, I need to see problems or disaster by others. Then I don't feel alone! :)


Oh, the doughnut croutons are really great!! Let me tell you--that's a winner! And fruit cocktail is not a good thing to see being regurgitated. No sir.

Butta Buns,

Yes,it was rather depressing to throw out all that food!!!! The eggs, the cream--the doughnuts!!!! Argh!


Yes, calamity is quite entertaining! :):) A small kitchen fire would have made it even better. :)


I think the recipe is pretty good. A once in awhile thing. But not burned to a crisp!!!!


Yes, I lost my appetite when I saw that. And the burnt smell was very intense. It permeated my clothes, the house and the pudding!

Sandi@ the whistlestop cafe,

It wasn't all bad, but the burned smell was awful. And I was disgusted!!!! :):) Oh well, I hope I don't have another experience like that.


Yes--I so agree about the turkey baster. But, people take mine and use them for other non cooking purposes! Grrrrrrr. I wanted one of them as I was trying to dump the water.


Yes, I could have eaten it--but my grand plan was to take it to my friend's house and palm it off on her--to avoid snacking on all those calories. I mean, that pudding was an artery killer. If I had eaten that whole pan of pudding, I think I would have died!!!! But, she didn't want it after it was burnt! :)


It just goes to show one shouldn't mess with the sugary-glazed purity of a Krispy Kreme!
But oy, all that work!


Oh no....I just must say...been there done that!
All that effort down the drain, literally. Sorry it didn't work out!

Patricia Scarpin

Oh, Sher!!! I'm sorry!

It sounds great, though - Tiffany and Miguel, from "Top Chef" (season 1) made a bread pudding out of doughnuts.


Oh darling, we've all had kitchen disasters. Good for you for posting them! :)
Haha, I've set off the smoke alarm once or twice.


Ha ha ha ha awwwwww! Nice one, Sher! (Was the rest of the dinner yummy?)


hahaha, this got me laughing heaps. I am guilty of dropping food into the water baths, damn those baths. Mine are usually cheesecakes. eevil stuff i tell you!=)


I totally would have stopped at 'krispy kreme croutons' and never come up for air.

there is a reason why i steer clear of donuts...well, besides my hips


I'm with you on the fruit cocktail.
But a glazed donut bread pudding? It makes my teeth hurt just to think about....I bet it was good....
It makes a great story!


I'm kind of with Katie here. But, oh my god, Sher, you tell such a good story! :))

Kelly Cat's philosophical human

Can't blame you for feeling that way. But, as a teacher told me a long time ago, "You don't learn anything when everything goes right."


Oh my! Disasters are inevitable. It looked like a noble effort. Maybe the bread pudding gods were trying to say doughnuts are too decadent an ingredient to be made into a humble bread pudding.

Either way, I'd still eat it. Just extra espresso sauce for me!


Espresso sauce, you say? Hmmm...

I made the recipe by the lovely Paula Deen (without the cocktail, I just used a mess of rasins and such). The only change I made was to slowly warm up the custard before dumping it over the donuts.
And since I live where you can't get KK's, I used a couple of boxes of glazed donut 'holes'. They were already a little stale, so I didn't toast mine.
It came out pretty good. But after your disaster, I can't blame you for just wanting to toss the whole mess!
We've all been there!


Love this post. I saw Paula this recipe on her party show. Maybe you will never make the Krispy Kreme version of bread pudding, but if you make bread pudding again, try the King's Hawaiian Bread for the bread part in your favorite recipe. I love using that because it's not as sweet as a donut, but it's definitely sweeter than sourdough.


I am so sorry it didn't turn out well but it wasn't your fault. I've dropped things like that too and it sounds like you had a million things going on at the same time...so sorry you put all that effort into it and didn't get the payoff!


Sorry to nitpick- but spell check please!
Espresso, whipped, sabotage... just trying to be constructively bitchy. Love the pics and recipes!

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