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April 29, 2007



Sher-but your cake is beautiful!! WHY didn't I manage to make one like that??


It's stunning!!!!! I drop on my knead in front of pc... and beg you! Sher, please make more cakes, you are the master!
After I read the recipe, everything not too fat but the filling is the murderer indeed!


It's stunning!!!!! I drop on my knees in front of pc... and beg you! Sher, please make more cakes, you are the master!
After I read the recipe, everything not too fatty except the filling...the murderer!


Your cake is gorgeous!!! And the strings on the hazelnut are soooo loooong! Beautiful.
I thought I should call 911 just to taste the filling!


BAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!! FANTASTIC post, Sher! I'm crying.. seriously tears running down my cheeks.. take the cake to the ER with some plates.. ROFLMAO! My God, between you and Laura, my sides are killing me! tooooo funny!

Your cake is drop dead gorgeous.. dear Lord you guys amaze me with your talents! xoxox

Looking forward to reading future DB posts from you- next time I'll remember to NOT sip my coffee while reading...



OH. MY. GOD. That is absolutely to die for. It is stunning. Seriously wow! Great post too. I was giggling all the way through.


What a triumph! This looks amazing and good idea about eating it in the ER for convenience!


Hi Sher - Beautiful job - I love how your cake turned out! Lovely even layers, and goregous work with the hazelnuts! I had a great laugh about eating the cake in the ER and being defibrillated in a timely manner - LOL! Stunning job!


Double the filling...I love you!!! that buttercream was the end of my waistline...it really makes the cake and yours is stunning!


Brava, Sher! Brava! I just love your cake and I think you did a fantastic job. I'd like to crawl right into the middle of those crepe cake layers!


Sher, I think the thick filling is a great contrast with the thin crepe. Your cake turned out so pretty!!


Your cake looks amazing, Sher! And you are killing me with the ER comments, it´s definitely something to consider given the ridiculous amount of butter this cake requires...I hope we were all good people and protected the elderly from this evil confection!


Sher! Jaw on floor! Here I am, afraid to make even a cupcake for fear it will fall flat in the oven and you, YOU, make this unbelievable stacked concoction of confectionery goodness! Woah. Mind blown.


Looks awesome! And I wish I had thought about using a straw for stability! THen I wouldn't have ended up with an S shaped cake!! Your hazelnuts look so perfect too!


Looks awesome! And I wish I had thought about using a straw for stability! THen I wouldn't have ended up with an S shaped cake!! Your hazelnuts look so perfect too!


Sher I think this looks amazing. I too have seen examples of the crepe cake and was intrigued. Beautiful!


A true Daring Baker! Your cake is lovely and the hazelnute are even better than Martha's. My glaze didn't want to stick to the sides where the filling peeked out, too. The part about the ER was great. Our poor arteries. Great fun though.

Susan from Food "Blogga"

At least the wait in the ER would be pleasant noshing on your cake! Hilarious post and amazing cake, Sher!


Amazing. You did a fabulous job! I use dowels for wedding cakes - so the straw is right on!


I will admire it. I'll be amazed by it. I'd even eat it - or, part of it.
I would never, ever, attempt to make it. I sit humbly at your feet.
Was it good? Is it gone?


WOW! I am impressed. It looks so difficult to make! It looks gorgeous but honestly that is wayyyyy too much chocolate for me. I know you must be thinking I'm absolutely insane and have lost my gourd, but I'm finding myself finding certain foods (cheeses, chocolate, etc) too rich for me nowadays and I can only handle it in smaller doses.

Beautiful cake though!


You're killing me softly..I'm practically drooling over my screen, that is totally chocoholic-licious haha :) By the way, Albert told me about your wonderful blog, wanna drop by and say hi, rest assured,I'll be back for more heart attacks *grin* :)


Truly fantastic crepe tower, Sher. Meager baking skills? You could have fooled me!


I'm not worthy! That is absolutely gorgeous.


Yours is looking pretty close to the original...good job!


Wow! Fantastic result. I can't stop staring at your cake.


Wow! Your cake is worthy of being on the cover of MS Living! I'm in awe of you for even trying this because I remember seeing this in the magazine and thinking there is no way in hell anyone short of a professional chef would even attempt it. And you did, and succeeded. Bravo!


The fact that you got 27 crepes out of this awful recipe is amazing, I only got 16. You sugar decorations are pretty snazzy too!


Your layers came out beautifully!


Wow, wow, wow. I'm *very* impressed -- it looks absolutely gorgeous!!

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