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April 15, 2007



Carrots add such nice color to stir-fries - which is a good thing because I always seem to have 1 or 2 moldering in the fridge.
Great way to use up the odd bits!
Hope the ankle is on the mend...


Your Cobb Salad pork looks remarkably similar to one of my favorite dishes at Erawan, my favorite Thai place in Philly. You're making me so hungry!


Sorry the ankle is still bothering you, but at least you're eating well in th meantime! They both look yummy.

Now, sit in your chair and read. Stay off the ankle!


Sher, stir-fry dishes are in my comfort zone. Yours sound delicious! Hope that the ankle will be better soon.


Hope your ankle feels better soon. Meanwhile, I love what you're cooking -- real comfort food!

Butta Buns

Man, even a sprained ankle won't keep you out of a kitchen. That stir fry looks very toothsome and I hope it made you feel better.
Get well soon. And stay off your feet!


Yum! So sorry about your ankle, I sprained mine last November and had the whole air cast thing going (along with a healthy dose of self-pity, of course!). It is all better now! I hope yours heals quickly, and that your vegetable guilt stays at bay:)


Oh you poor thing! I hope the ankle is feeling better. I know that I'm feeling very hungry after seeing this incredible stir-fry!!!



Thank you! The ankle is a little better. Yes, I wind up with withered carrots, all too often!


Thank you. I love that kind of Thai stir-fry in lettuce leaves--yum.


I have been sitting with my leg up a lot, but it's sooooo boring! :)


Yes, I love stir-fry too. (Obviously!) I have ever since the first time I had it.


Thank you. I could swear comfort food makes you heal better, right?

Butta Buns,

(Whining!) But, Mommmm--I'm so bored! Can't I go out and play with the other kids???


I certainly hope this all ends soon. Unfortunately, I injured this ankle years ago playing tennis, and it's never been the same. Now, if you look at it wrong, it decides to sprain itself!


Well, it better get well, because I'm going to be standing on my feet making a certain hazelnut crepe cake! :):)


Those are both beautiful! You are way outdoing me on that carrot cube that's more than cursory chopping in my book! Somehow it seems your sprained ankle has charged your kitchen battery both of these are inspired dishes.
Hope the ankle is feeling better!


Tell me Sher, why I just woke up am already longing for one, no, actually two, bowls of this rice?!!! I crazy for napa cabbage too! Also hope your ankle recover soon!


I'm so lazy I probably would never make it but man! That looks delicious! I hope your sprained ankle heals up soon! :(


Oh dear! Hope your ankle will get better soon.

Both bowls of rice are certainly drool-a-licious :)


I'm with Tanna- those chopped carrots are so precise! And you made hungry.

Sorry to hear about Sundance's halter. We had a halter for our house rabbit, but when we took her out in it she became a lump- wouldn't move at all.


Patricia Scarpin

This is perfect, Sher - the first dish for my husband and the second for me. :)


Mmm...the pork cobb salad looks yummy!


Both of those look really yummy and thanks for inspiring me! I need to clean out my crisper too and you've given me great ideas.


Oh yummy yummy yummy! That looks so good.
Hope your ankle heals up soon.


Just wanted to let you know that I made the Napa Cabbage Chicken last night (with a few small variations) and it was fantastic! I'll definitely be making it again. Thanks!


I just made the napa cabbage chicken, with a couple small adjustments based on what I had (biggest was using an orange bell pepper instead of carrots) and it was great! Husband especially raved over it -- said it was restaurant-good. :-)

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