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March 13, 2007



Sher, your rosemary bloom looks so beautiful, not to mention the salmon which looks so delicious that I want to eat it right now... where's my fork? I hope you will participate in Green Blog Project too!


The salmon looks delicious and the rosemary is very pretty. I'm not sure what panko is?

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

This looks awesome~ I bet it smells even better.
Your rosemary bush is beautiful!


I think I'd stop before the breadcrumbs -- it looks wonderful with that glaze!


Gorgeous rosemary bush! I'd love to have one too but I don't know if it would survive here. We might be too wet. I sure admire yours though, and that salmon. Gorgeous and the panko the perfect touch of hearty to make you feel like you've dined divinely.


Sher, I love rosemarry! Adore it actually... I am growing one right now in a pot and it is doing well. Oh, the salmon is lovely, too. How true about not overcook the beautiful fish!



Oh yes! I have the Green Blog Project marked on my calendar!!! Looking forward to it!


I need to go back and correct the recipe. Thanks for pointing that out. Panko is a bread crumb that they use in Japan. It tastes different than regular bread crumbs, because it's delicate, but retains a crunch when you cook it. It's usually in the section with the other bread crumbs--or in the Asian section. But, you could use regular bread crumbs.


It is a very nice glaze--and very easy to make!


I remember someone growing rosemary in a pot when I lived in Indiana. She had trained it like a topiary and put it outside when it was warm, but brought it inside during the winter. It did quite well and it gave a wonderful smell to her house indoors.


Yes, it seems to do quite well in a pot. That's great! It's a tough plant. (And I think it'S such a shame to cook fish too long.) :):)


I think I need some salmon therapy too. This fish looks cooked perfectly and I'll be anxious to try it after the other lemon-mint combo.

Butta Buns

Oh yum! Though after making your potato chip encrusted salmon, it'll be hard to try anything different.

Your rosemary plants are beautiful. Your backyard must smell heavenly.

Patricia Scarpin

Sher, this dish is terrific!! What a delicious way to make salmon, I'm gonna try it!

Your rosemary looks fantastic!


I love the idea of salmon therapy! This sounds like a wonderful dish. I buy 100% whole wheat panko crumbs at Wild Oats here, and they're great.

*Very* jealous to see the flowers on your rosemary busy. Mine hasn't even started to come alive yet.


I liked your Salmon Therapy..I am not very fond of Salmon, having eaten fresh river fish all my life I find the smell not very alluring. But my husband likes it and he definitely needs his arteries cleaned.

This seems to be a good recipe what wih all that flavors and am going to try out your salmon recipes as soon as my river fish stocked in the freezer is over

Joy T.

This dish looks awesome! I'm going to print the recipe out for my hubby who loves to cook fish. Can I ask what Panko is though? I'm 'guessing' bread crumbs but I want to make sure.


I only get the occasional hankering for salmon, but man, do I have it bad after seeing that photo! It sounds wonderful.

Love your rosemary bushes!


Wow! I love your rosemary bushes, hope I had something like that here. The rosemary crust certainly looks divine (I love anything rosemary :p)

Amanda Rose

That salmon is gorgeous. And I just happened upon your site and caught "Central Valley." I'm in the southern Sierras on the edge of Sequoia. :)

I engage in salmon therapy as often as possible.

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