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March 15, 2007



The stock looks interesting. I rarely taste a vegetable stock that I like. I've tried adding dried mushrooms to give some richness, but still I'm not crazy about it. This version sounds very aromatic -- will have to try it.


I love Deborah Madison's soups, but with my lack of time between school and work, I have a hard time justifying the making of a particular stock for each soup. Ah, well. Maybe one day when I retire! If I retire.

Pretty looking soup, especially with the broccoli flowers! It kind of made me laugh a little to hear you say "suddenly bolted," as though you had a broccoli plant running amok in your garden on long, rooty legs. I do know what bolt means, plantwise, but that is still the image that came to mind!


Broccoli flowers???? OMGoodness!


sher, you wrote, asking: Remember that vile green soup I made last week?

yes. ;-)

Fer Guimaraes Rosa

this presentation is simply beautiful, Sher! :-)


i've said it before, and i'll say it again. you make the best soups.

you once blew my mind when you put a sauce on a soup, who does that?!


Sher this soup looks divine, huh what evil green soup? I think it sounds so good with all of the aromatics & I'm sorry about the broccoli, but at least it was kind enough to leave some flowers.

Susan from Food "Blogga"

I love the way nutmeg enhances spinach and adds fragrance. This is a lovely bowl of soup that I'm sure was delicious.



This stock was nice, not excessively strong--but it had a nice flavor for the base. And it certainly smelled nice!


You are so funny (in a good way, as Ray Liotta told Joe Pesci in Good Fellas). The image of a plant running amuck after it bolts will be with me always!!!!


Aren't they sweet?


How could anyone forget??? :):) Poisonous green!

Fer Guimaraes Rosa,

Thank you!! Flowers always help, don't they? :)


Well, I try. :) I have a lot to answer for after that last soup debacle!


What a great way to put it! Yes, eventually these types of pants bolt--and they do it in such a lovely way! With flowers.


Oh yes! I love my nutmeg and the ancient little grater that I inherited from my mom!

Patricia Scarpin

Sher!! I want a big bowl of soup with flowers on top, too!! ;)


That looks lovely and the recipe is close to my heart with all those spices.
I make Dal or Lentils with Spinach and other greens but then I don't puree it


Flowers...wow...we should use them so much more.
I love spinach and this does look really fabulous.
Spring is certainly here, I'm spending hours every day in the yard and garden.

Linda, The Village Vegetable

beautiful presentation. i have never had spinach soup, oddly enough. not to mention i adore indian spices! i ALWAYS use them in soup. yum! can't wait to try this one!

and a very happy st. patty's day to you!


Love the blooms. They're beautiful!

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