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March 20, 2007



I love raisins with dark greens, which on their own I find a bit bitter for my taste. The raisins really add just enough sweetness. Your scallops look divine!


oh gorgeous gorgeous! Love to see that golden crust on your grilled scallops! Sher, you really superb espically come to seafood! My husband would bring over scallops (the ones cooked with bacon at restaurants) from his business trip overseas... but you can imagine how awful they looked after the flight, but I think I really crazy for any shellfish so I didn't care =)


Just yummy looking. I keep meaning to try this type of kale. I was doing so well with the greens for a while there, but lately I've been on such a kick with the asparagus that I've neglected other veggies. Scallops are one of my very favorites!


These looks superb, especially the succulent scallops!


This meal would be a huge hit with my husband - he loves scallops and anything that could be called "greens". Me, I'm a big fan of any meal that "magically appears without work" (especially Thai). :D


Your scallops look great, but it's the kale side dish that really got me going! I LOVE greens.


I have yet to cook with golden raisins yet so this looks like as good a jumping off point as any!



We've made swiss chard with raisins, but to be honest, we've never cooked kale! I'll put it on my list!


Looks very good.


15 minutes...phenomenal...I would love that for dinner!!


It looks so sophisticated, yet so simple and so quick. This,my friend is the real meaning of "fast food".


While I love Mexican and Thai, this is the kind of fast food I'd really be able to dig into- and so beautiful!



Thanks! Yes, the sweet flavor does work really well with the greens. Loved it.


Thank you. Yum--scallops cooked with bacon is delicious, on of my favorites. And never mind if it looks less than perfect--if it tastes great!


Thanks. I think the asparagus right now is wonderful. We eat quite a lot of it too.


Thanks!!! They were very good.


Yes, the magical food is quite nice! But, this meal is pretty close to taking almost no time to prepare. Almost!


I'm with you--love the greens. And they are a snap to fix, especially when they're young like this.


I hope you try the raisons. I do love them. They're so plump and sweet.


I think you would like kale very much, if you like chard. I prefer kale, to tell you the truth.


Thank you!


Yes--15 minute meals can sometimes make me almost weep in gratitude!


I agree. Everything cooked so quickly. I was quite grateful for that!


Thank you! I love seeing dark green against a pale food. It makes both colors look more vivd.


Yummy! I love scapllop, and yours make me so hungry!


Oh, scallops... i can't wait for the summer when the supply is in abundance straight from the sea.


I've never thought of pairing ANY of those ingredients with one another, and yet, wow, why not? it sounds amazing! I love that kind of kale... I've always called it lacinato, but my mom calls it dinosaur, too. that was a confusing, and probably funny to overhear, argument we had a the grocery store a few years ago!

Susan from Food "Blogga"

This is like Jacques Pepin's fast food--quick, delicious, and beautiful!

Cate O'Malley

Kale and scallops? I am so there.


I love this...anything that looks and tastes so good and is this quick has to go into my recipe file!


I can't believe that you've defiled an innocent scallop with a- RAISIN?!? *shudder*

The kale makes up for it, though, in scads.


Oh God! That's wonderful looking. I love scallops and your photo/recipe is great! Yum!


I meant to leave a comment when I was here the other day but somehow I got sidetracked. This dish looks incredibly delicious. The way you've paired the scallops with that yummy sounding vinaigrette - well, what can I say, Wonder Woman? I'm drooling!


I have been on such a scallop kick lately...I am loving these.

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