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January 15, 2007



Sher, love the look of your chicken rice! Love the idea of using black beans in the rice, too. Remind me of the Cuban black bean rice I used to eat. :D


Sher, this looks so lovely. I would love this. I guess I could have this and make plain rice for my husband; he only wants sugar on his rice.


I love that rice absorbed all the flavors from beans and chicken!
Your bread pudding although doesn't carry that excessive creamy liquid (due to no milk), the taste shouldn't be affected. I think :D


I love that rice absorbed all the flavors from chicken!
Your bread pudding although doesn't carry that excessive creamy liquid (due to no milk), the taste shouldn't be affected. I think :D


dear sher,

that does look absolutely wonderful, lucky bob [happy birthday!].

i started thinking [new for me! ;-)] that many non-veg cultures have a chicken and rice dish: variations on a theme, real soul food.

around here, it's chicken bog, 'low country cooking' of the coastal regions of south carolina. it adds smoked sausage and other spices -- there's a small town that even has an event based on it: Loris Bog-Off Festival

i make one that has your fave, cilantro...i'll send it rather than post it because maybe it's copyrighted, from a magazine article over 20 years ago: zubin mehta's "chicken mughlai" -- with brown sugar and sour cream, tomatoes, cardomom...and on and on with the ingredients. sorry, don't mean to be coy...i'll check out the legalities of republishing it, especially since i made a few adjustments over the years. [less hot and sweet, no $affron!]

thanks again.

Victor Tabbycat

That sounds reely good, an I luv when Dad makes chick-hen. Bonnie won't eat people food, but I wanna try efurrything. I efun haf a chicken dance you can see at http://www.flickr.com/photos/lambj/132960435/


Sher, I just added that recipe to my "must do" list. Tomorrow, I'm doing a beef-based one in the crockpot - it also has black beans and corn in it, but is a chili. I heard on the weather we've got several more days of this bone-chilling cold. Our bathtub drainpipe froze! I took a shower and it won't drain. We had to put a space heater next to the pipe under the house to bust the ice clog. What fun. Stay warm.


What a nice birthday dinner. Never mind the bread pudding (and brave of you to post pictures). That's what back-up chocolate bars are for -- you do have back-up chocolate bars?


Oh I am salivating at the thought of that entire meal, and your bread pudding looks good! I love bread pudding!

What can you use as a substitute for a dutch oven? I don't have one.


Wow...I wanna skip dinner and go for desert



Thanks, I also enjoy black beans with rice--it's one of my favorite combinations.


Thank you. Yes, just put a little plain rice aside for your husband, and enjoy this for yourself! :)


I wish you could have seen and tasted that bread pudding, it was amazingly bad! Almost comical! But, the rice was good, thank heavens!


I think rice dishes are very important in the South--and that Bog sounds very interesting. I got the Zuben Mehta recipe, thanks!


You do the best chicken dance I've ever seen!


I'm so sorry your drainpipe froze!! I wrapped my pipes, but I always wonder if we will have a disaster. I hope it all clears up for you soon! And one pot cooking is great!


Yes!! We have back-up chocolate, to munch out of hand, to put in coffee, etc. And it's healthy now--you've heard that I'm sure. :):)


I think you could use any type of pot that has a cover and would be big enough to hold the rice and liquid. I will make a better bread pudding, that one was too awful! You have to trust me on this!!!


Yes, I want to do that frequently--but not THAT dessert!

Boston Chef

Yum - simple but sounds so delicious. We'll have to give this a try.... we'll be sure to let you know the results!


Cool! I can use what I have then, I have a huge pot with a lid! I want to try this! When I do I will DEFINITELY let you know! Thanks Sher! :)


how did i miss this post!? chicken and rice is one of my fav things in the world. chicken flavored rice, mmmn. YUM!!


What a great recipe! I love these foods combined. Thanks for posting this.


Anything done in one-pot is popular in my kitchen. I'll have to cut it back for two, but it's definitly on my list to try.


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