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January 19, 2007



Wow, I really like the looks of that; the contrast of the crisp and the soft!! This looks like it would be open to different ways. Wish I had some of your pear jam.


Pear and blackberry is a wonderful sounding combination and that picture looks good enough to eat right off the computer screen.


don't mean to rub it in (hehee)... but without that accident, I couldn't have seen this even better recipe! It has more layouts of texture, and more attractive appearence.
I can't make myself eat most store-bought jam either except St Dalfour which is sweeten by fruit juice. I'm even more excited about your berry jam next summer!
(PS. darn! Tanna took the first seat (again!) in leaving you comment. Ok, I'm not logging out of your blog Sher ;p)


Okay, to say this looks delicious would be the understatement of the year. I've never made bread pudding, but I'm definitely going to try this recipe sometime soon. Yum!

Butta Buns

Oh. My. Garsh! That looks so fantastic. This is why I love your blog so much!


This looks absolutely wonderful! Just want you to know I cannot visit your blog without wanting to give your recipes a try. Yum!


Oooooo..this looks really good!


I've never made bread pudding, but I've been 'eyeing' making it lately


That looks absolutely divine, even with the fakey-blackberry stuff. I'll bet Bob was most pleased.


WOW!! scuse the language but holysh*t sher! this is one for the record books. i love bread pudding, one of m favorite deserts in the world. the addition of the fruit flavors sounds out of this world!! pardon et moi but i think i could eat the whole jar of pear preserves with a spoon in no time! major drooool.


Yum! I'm not a big fan of bread pudding but love the look of the textures and flavors in this one.



Thanks. Yes, the nice thing about this is that anyone can use their favorite jam or marmalade--and sprinkle fresh fruit and nuts. I think raspberry and almonds would be great too. Glad you liked it.


Thanks Julie--I've often wanted to eat your food off the screen too!


Thanks. I'm glad I made this one too. I think it can be even better, with no store bought jam next time, for sure. I learned my lesson!


Thank you! I think Isabella might like this. And it's very speedy to make.

Butta Buns,

Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it. :)


Thank you, I just saw that duck breast photo on your blog and am wiping the drool off my chin. :)


Thank you, it was a relief to finally make a bread pudding that tasted good!


There are so many bread pudding recipes out there. Some are really elaborate, but this one is pretty simple, I think.


Thanks. Yes he was pleased. There's none left--so I think that says it all. :)


Thank you. I must admit, this made me appreciate my pear jam a lot more. I usually prefer my other jams to it, but now I'm saying sweet things to the pear jam and asking it to forgive me for not giving it the credit I give my other preserves. :)


Thanks, I'm not a big fan either. But, the crisp buttery sections made it much more interesting to me.


mmmmmmmmmmmmmm........so yummy looking. Would love to have a big ole bowl right now. I've had your pear jam and it's too die for.


Your pic's are gorgeous and the recipe sounds devine!


Sher, I've never had bread pudding before and now I ask why, why?


Very interesting! I have never had a bread pudding like this one but it seems like it would not be as sweet or rich as others. Yum!!! Thanks for sharing!


ooh, this might make for fun cupcakes!


Sher I love the look of this, it is almost like a rose-in-bloom!


Yum-tastic!! Sounds great. I heart blackberry jam and I often use store-bought if I can find it. With regard to HFCS, It's good to be aware if your foods have it, but I think it gets a bad rap. I don't eat a ton of it, but I don't mind having it every once in a while...

Anyway, this looks amazing. I can't wait to try it out!


That looks gorgeous! I love blackberries and bread pudding.


Wow, Sher, you're getting sooo many comments lately! Everyone loves your blog!

This looks yum. Very yum.


Oh so beautiful!!!! Lovely indeed!

Sher, I made your Spainish Cod Soup this week and it was so beautiful! Thanks for the lovely recipe!


My version of this uses blueberries, as little or as many as you choose, for colour and texture (they can even be frozen ones) and grated lemonpeel. I find that blueberries don't have much flavour, but give a good "pop" in the mouth, and the lemon is what makes the dish. You can put some peel on the bread and butter, and the rest into the custard, and just alternate the sandwiches and the berries in the bowl. This tastes great warm, and is even good the next day, IF somebody doesn't eat it all first!
I am tempted, but haven't yet done so, to experiment with raspberries and grated white chocolate. What do you think?



Thank you!! I would like to have some right now too!


Thank you!


Thanks. Well, I hope you have some eventually! And then tell us all about it :):)


Thanks! It wasn't as rich as some I've had. And I really loved the contrasting textures.


Oh, the master of cupcakes!! I'm still trying to think of one for your event!


Ahh, thank you. What a nice thing to say! I love that idea.


Thanks! I think this brand used too little blackberries and too many other things, like HFCS and sugar. So, it diluted the wonderful blackberry taste. I do love them! Hope you try it!


Thanks! I wish I had blackberry bushes in my back yard, then I could use them more often.


Thank you! Hope you're having better weather there. And did you get the chimney sweep to come out?


Thank you--and I'm so glad you liked the soup!


Thank you for those excellent ideas. I think blueberries would be wonderful. I agree with you about the way they would "pop". Raspberries and white chocolate??? Fabulous! Please let me know if you do that.


I just have to add a comment to this choir of praise, it looks incredible and the taste must be so to! I'll try it


Oh wow Sher! I have homemade blackberry jam and homemade lemon jam so I am going to try this for sure.

Thanks for a great idea.

I love bread pudding and your photos are amazing.


I like any person who's favorite dessert is bread pudding. Yours looks great.


Sher, Great news here...I tried this with now don't get Upsie on me...I tried this with mince meat and it was really nice! I'll do it again. And I do think this is good for some peanut butter treatment!

Julie Tilsner

Oh thanks. This photo (and recipe) makes it real easy to concentrate. Thanks, Sher!
Maybe I'll try it, botch it (because that's what I do...) and blog about it myself....


Wow! What a great dessert Sher! Sorry I haven't been around lately. I'm just catching up with your blog and the rest of the blogosphere, hoping to get back on track.

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