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December 08, 2006



That does seem seriously simple but seriously good. Fabulous picture. As much as I love rosemary, it is an herb that can be too much.


Hrm..was the top of the chicken crispy? I'm thinking broiler :)


I have made a similar dish for Ruth of 'once upon a feast' for recipe testing.

I really like the sound and look of that orange marinade. I can't remember if Ruth's had garlic on it... but garlic, orange and zest with rosemary sounds delightful both visual and smell and i can imagine, taste too!

Your first photo is driving me crazy!!!


Yum. Chicken and sweet potatoes. Two of my favorites!


That chicken looks fabu. I need to live at your house so I can eat better.


Isn't that a great book? I love all of her recipes. Gorgeous photos Sher! Are we going to hear from Upsie this weekend?


It sounds great to me. I didn't use to like sweet potatoes, but the last few years I've started to really like them. Rosemary is great; wish it would grow all year here.


That dish looks amazing. Yet another recipe of yours that I'll have to try!


Sher, save me that chicken skin!!!


Sher, this looks simply wonderful and delicious!


Sher, thank you for the inspiration - I made a similar dish today for monday's lunch.

Kesha Crawford

I have made this reciepe before
it was in a cook book, that was displayed on line
Your receipe matches for the most part.
They used white balsamic vinegar and is very good I use it all the time and it proves to be a big hit with allmy friends



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