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December 09, 2006



Too funny kitty! I've really enjoyed the squirrels!! Happy trails for them. Well, and now kitty too.

kross-eyed kitty

LOL! Every time I see a picture of your kitty, it puts a smile on my face! :)
Those are pretty chubby squirrels, but I guess they can go and feast elsewhere.
Mr. Mao is back for weekend cat blogging...


Upsie IS looking rather svelte. And the squirrels are adorable (GREAT photos). Sorry, Upsie. You, of course, are adorable-est.


sher, those pics are stunning!!

upsie, u look so cute. drs. just dont appreciate the fat cat like we do. those lower fangs are too much!

Joy T.

Gorgeous pictures! It almost looks like Upsie's smiling because those squirrels are leaving. Glad to hear you will now rein again...as it should be.....Upsie :o)


Sher, aren't you going to leave a link at Belly Timber's? I think squirrels have the cutest noses!



Well, we had a little problem: They refused to get into their box and we're going to try it again tomorrow!! Wouldn't you know that would happen? Upsie is miffed.

kross-eyed kitty,

Oh goody--I'll go over and see M. Mao. He certainly knows how to keep a nice figure. We should all be as lucky as him!!!!


Upsie says you have impeccable taste--and the squirrels are fat! :)


Upsie thanks you for admiring her fangs! She says they make her look fierce--the better to scare squirrels.

Joy T,

Well, now Upsie is mad because the squirrels refuse to leave! They are being uncooperative. She thinks I may let them stay!


Thanks for reminding me! I thought I had done it, but that was for WHB. I'm so discombobulated because I'm cooking a big stew for company tomorrow!! Yes, the squirrels are just too cute. I love their pretty white fur.


Those squirrels are nowhere near as fat as the ones in my yard! Good luck to them!


Love that Upsie! The weekend wouldn't be the same without her!!


Upsie, you do indeed look veeeery angry on those pictures! I can understand how painful it is for you to be on a diet, but I'm sure that your mom wants no Kate Moss at home!!! You look just perfect with that awesomely cuddly body...

The squirrels are sooooo sweet! I want one!!!!


Love that full on head shot of Upsie. Great pic! And love all the squirrel pics. They've grown so much. They're not babies anymore.


The squirrel photographs are amazing... no offence Upsie. You definitely are the cutest one. (I especially like your little underbite pictures... just like my parents bulldog!)


OMG! Look at that fur! Make sure you come visit us for WCB next week.


what wonderful photos -- and grand looking critters...you've done a great job with the squirrels and they look fit enough to take on the wild world of their corner of the woods! they're tummies are awful cute.

now...upsie is clearly back in charge. grrrrrr, she seems to be saying. taboo says grrrrr back, in a friendly way, of course.

thanks, sher -- for shering!!


That's what they say: The best laid plans of mice er squirrels. Poor Upsie!


Two words, Upsie: "secret stash"


Awww poor kitty. Dieting is rough, isn't it?? Hang in there, I'm right with you.

I went to Petsmart to pick up fishtank filters and they had rescued kitties up for adoption. I wish we could have adopted one, but our landlord won't allow pets in our apartment. I found one rather fluffy (he was a bit overweight, but I call him fluffy, not fat!) kitty I really fell in love with. My husband had to pry me away!


Sher - I can hardly stand the cuteness of your squirrels. Squirrels - along with ducks - are one of those critters that make me laugh out loud just because they are so funny.

I'm loving that first photo of Upsie!

Let us know how the Great Squirrel Release goes!


Upsie-You shall soon reign supreme once again. It's too bad you don't like the squirrels, because I think they're pretty cute!


Those squirrels are awfully darned cute, Upsie. Not that you aren't cute, but those squirrels -- they're adorable.

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