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October 31, 2006



Wonderful choices! I really like this meme. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I'm so excited!!!

It's like having a virtual dinner party! I can't wait to start planning the menu :)

eqj (the chocolate lady)

Thanks, Sher,

I will give this some serious thought!


I would love to come to your house and eat this any time! I haven't had Copper River Salmon, most interesting. All the dishes sound sublime.


It's a fabulous menu. Seasonal, too. See you in the spring, eh? :D


This sounds like a fabulous dinner, and I bet your guests would be remembering it with great satisfaction long after the fact.


Though I think MS might be a bit evil..that tarte looks incredible! lol


OK, next time I come to Davis I'm eating at your house! Fabulous menu, Sher!


please grill my salmon to medium rare, I know you're expert!
Thanks for tagging me, will do it soon :D


oh sher, i am so there!! menu sounds divine! all of the flavors, mmmmm, i can taste how perfectly they would be together. i'll bring the wine!!!


there you go again, toying with my emotions by flaunting your easy access to morels!!
can i come to dinner the next time you serve that soup??
please? pretty please? i'll bring presents!


OMG..what a perfect menu. Thanks for the inspiration.

We are going to a food bloggers party this weekend and my husband and I went round and round about what to bring. He's making his famous Poulet Boucanee (Buccaneer Chicken). Rum is "in" now..so should be a hit...we hope.


That soup sounds. . . divine.


I can understand your guest who still talks about the morel soup; it sounds delicious.
Thanks for tagging me. I'll try to come up with a menu as soon as possible.


Sounds so wonderful Sher!



Thank you! I'm looking forward to your menu.

eqj (the chocolate lady),

I know you will have wonderful choices!


Thank you, I look forward to having dinner together. :)


Thanks! Spring it is! :)


Thank you! I always hope people will like a menu.


It is a great tart. But, vine ripened tomates are a must!


Thanks!! It's a date.


Medium rare for sure! It's the only way!


The chicken sounds like it will be marvelous!!! :)


It is a wonderful soup. Now I'm wanting to make it again.


Thanks. I'm looking forward to your menu--I know it will be delicious.


Thank you so much!


ohman! that soup sounds fantastic and perfect with that tomato torte, mmmmm. we'll be right over with our spoons in pocket...

we're in healdsburg right now, i'll def do this meme after all this inspiration up here :)

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