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September 13, 2006



I just can't fathom why these terrible events keep taking place...I hope that it isn't as bad as the news is making it out to be


Just came across your blog a few days ago. Luvs the baby squirrels and your food is totally shibby! Can't wait to read more!



It seems like people start copying other horrible acts of violence. It makes no sense to me.......


Thank you!! Thanks for coming by, I really like your blog too. It looks VERY good.


I know. Unbelievable about Montreal!

Great pasta--looks beautiful.


me too on the no sleep lately, been going to bed around 1 and up @ 4:30, arg! pasta is such the perfect default when dreading the market, that sauce/dish sounds delicious to me!! ...counting down the days untill you can gorge on sardines once again...


The news from Montreal is pretty horrifying and another reminder of how sometimes life goes from the every day to the unimaginable in the blink of an eye.

Anyway, this looks delicious, and I hope you get some sleep soon. Do you have to get up in the night to feed the baby squirrels? I'm guessing you do and that sounds pretty tiring.


Yum Yum. How do you get your food pictures to look so beautiful?


But then you would have had to go to the store! (To get the peanut garnish.) It looks so good as it is . . . I'm always amazed that sometimes the best things I make come from situations like this, where I don't think I have much on hand.


I hope you're feeling better ... this dish would certainly make me feel better!


I was wondering if the night fed (any?) disturbs your beauty sleep too...
I have made my pasta like yours... plus anchovy, I think it's very delicious. But got to go brushing my teeth (that mighty breath) if friends suddenly come :P


I often think the simplest dishes are the best. Barrett is good at throwing things together, just as you did for this. I kinda suck at it, personally.

I hear you on the tired!


Sher, i have a confession to make...

I often use ready-made sauces too when it comes to chinese sauces. See, i'm not a snob :-) You are right, they make life a lot easier - giving us more time to delve into more serious and more pressing things like what to have for dinner tomorrow? haha.

This looks too hard to resist... yummy!!! Your photos are beautiful.


this would be so awesome with some thawed frozen tofu!
freezing the 'fo expands the water which in turn expands the little pockets which in turn makes the tofu into little craggy pillow of sauce lovin' yumminess!

oh, and i love prepared flavorings too, but i tend to be more obsessed with powders and herb mixes
my current obsession is this porcini powder i found at an italian market that has msg in it, but who cares, they've determined that whole blushing thing was a load of hog wash...



Thank you! :)


I can eat sardines again! I'm looking forward to it so much--going to try and have them like yours!


The squirrel schedule was pretty intense, but it's getting better. I should be able to get more sleep. Fingers crossed!


Oh thanks!! :) I finally found one spot in my house where I can use natural light. It's right next to the sink. So scenic, next to the faucet.


I agree. Sometimes pantry scrounging makes a really great dish!


Thank you, it was a nice thing to eat, especially since it was so easy.


I think our friends have to learn to love all the foods we eat! That way if they smell anchovy on us, they will like it! :) No more night feeding! Yeah!


Hope you're not too frazzled. I know that you're going to have a great wedding! Really!


Yes, I love finding a really good sauce of some sort, it makes it so easy for those times when I just don't feel like involved cooking--but I don't want to go out to eat! Thank you about the photos. I finally was able to use natural light and not the flash.


Porcini powder sounds fabulous. I love porcini mushrooms, so that was be a terrific seasoning.

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