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September 10, 2006



I'd appreciate it very much to not have them in my attic. One week, one squirrel in the attic = $900 bill to repair electrical and security system wires! Not fun.
The next year, we had a female that we feed while she recovered from a serious nose injury (named her pimple nose as half her nose was gone). And yes, I know she was a she because she build a nest on our roof deck and raised a litter up there. My husband must have rescued at least some of them from gutters four times that spring as they ventured forth and fell down the gutters and got stuck. Pimple nose was with us on the roof deck for 3 years, only the one litter. They really are facinating critters.
Nice that you are a licensed wildlife rehabilitator!


how neat sher, look at the claws on them they're really cute. can only imagine how much work it takes - i volunteered at the miami wildlife rescue taking care of the reptiles where mbd was pretty common :( i still have one of the geckos i hatched who needed to be separated. he is situated high up in the office chomping worms far away from the kitties...


I knew there was a reason why I instantly liked you so much Sher! What a tremendous job you have. I have 'rescued', though not as a vocation, many animals over the years, most recently taking a pelagic baby bird to the Wildlife Rescue Center up here where it was healed and released back into the wild. I have great respect for all wildlife rescuers. Take another bow!


don't worry about answering comments, we know that you're doing a wonderful job. I'm very interested in these babies, please keep us update :)


The other white meat?? hehe j/k I love skwerls :)


I'm filled with admiration for you and the work you do. I'm glad there are people in this world who raise orphaned wildlife.

Tell little Atticus that everone is rooting for him and he needs to eat up and become a big squirrel.


That is so great what you do. Good work! And those are cute lil' things.

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my fav books and movies too. What a great story!


Awww, so little and furry and cute! Kudos to you, Sher! They are lucky to have you looking after them.


They are soooooo cute! Love your names for them!



It's no fun to have squirrel's in the attic. It hasn't happened to me, but you never know!! That's a pretty good length of time to have a resident squirrel--3 years. They have a high turnover rate.


I love geckos and have always wanted one of my own wandering around, eating insects! Good for you volunteering at a wildlife center, they always need help!


Oh (blush) you are too nice. I don't rehab the glamour species, just do squirrels and song birds. But, it is a nice thing to experience. I now know that birds are so much more complex than I ever suspected. and squirrels are adorable, but so energetic.


They are growing!! Atticus is becoming so squirmy and I'm begining the battle of reducing formula to the other two. They don't like it!


I think they're all dark meat! :)


Thank you. Atticus has turned the corner and is now eating with gusto. He's still so small though. I fear that he may not become as big as a regular squirrel and that would be hard on him out in the wild. But, we'll see.


I love To Kill A Mockingbird--especially since I have learned that Gregory Peck was very much like his character in the film. He was an honorable man.


Thanks!! Now go do some prep for your wedding!!!!! Go girl!!!!!!


I knew you would like them, especially the salute to Greg.


Ohhh, my God that's way too cute!!! Those squirrels are absolutely gorgeous. You sure have an interesting activity and I salute your efforts!...


That is very sweet of you! But I think the big question is, when does Upsie get some squirrels of her own?


Oh my gosh, they are adorable! What a great job you have. We are surrounded by walnut trees here in Carmichael and ever since our dog passed away, the squirrels have taken over. Lots of fun to watch, but have never seen little ones like this.


Oh my gosh, they are so cute.

Cat Carrier

I'm glad to hear that the baby squirrels are doing well. It's nice to know that there are people out there willing to help the local wildlife. Keep it up.


How cute, I have never seen small squirrels like this. We have had squirrels in our garden for years but have only seen the adult ones.

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