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September 11, 2006



Couldn't agree more about The Wire. It's an extraordinarily well-written show -- complex and multi-layered. I've been eagerly anticipating the new season.

I'm excited to hear this was such a good recipe. I often look at recipes for vegetarian "burgers" and wonder if they're any good at all but never try them out because I worry that they won't be that good and I'll be stuck with a bunch of "burgers" that no one wants to eat. Good to know ahead of time that this one is worth making.


That looks good enough to try. Certainly like the ingredients.


Sher, I think you make the most perfect food I've ever seen, aside from the meated stuff. I'm a vegetarian, so the meat really doesn't appeal. However, your recipes and photos are consistently my favorite - so, thank you.



3 pounds in one week! I'll see you float! I know what you mean about soy milk... I grew up with it (my mom made it to sell), you either like it or you don't, really doesn't matter what type or what brand. Hey, this cookbook of yours seems great, I don't eat bean but still can't stop myself to read through the recipe, and to picture its wonderful taste.


Mike and I got into The Wire back in the days we had cable and of course, went through serious withdrawal when we decided to forego that luxury. We LOVE DVD's though! And we just got the first DVD of the 3rd season, so we are back in the game, albeit slightly behind.

I tried a black bean cake once that did not work out at all and was leery of attempting another until I found this one.


What a beautiful plate! I love yams. I'll have to look back in your archives and find out why you're going vegan. I love butter and eggs, so couldn't do it. I also love meat, but I'll happily eat vegetarian meals for days on end. I'm interested to see how going vegan works out for you.


Oh wow, what a gorgeous plate and it sounds delicious. I've really got to try this!


Very colorful plate!!


What absolutely gorgeous colors! And tasty to boot? You've knocked it out of the park.



I was surprised that the story arch for the wire will be centered on schools. This show is a true original!

I really liked black bean patty. It's one of the few that didn't have eggs or cheese.




Thank you. I appreciate that.


Oh, you are going to love that season of The Wire! As I was mixing up the ingedients for this black bean patty, if figured it would fall apart as I cooked it and taste bland. But, it didn't--it was good.


The vegan eating is an experiment. I wanted to see if it was really hard. It's been very interesting, I must say!!!! I love yams too and this was an easy way to fix them.


Thank you! I want to see a gum paste yam and black bean patty--OK?


Thanks! I figure if I don't get to eat cheese or eggs, I can still have color!


Thank you. It was fun to look at the pretty colors--and it tasted very good too. Thank heavens!


Wow, total props on the Vegan thing. I bet the Davis Farmers Market and Co-op have been getting extra attention from you these past few days.


I'm so making this when Anne gets here! We'll post photos of us making it in your honor. I have many cans of black beans to use up and this is perfect!


Colorful photos there, girl. I love yams and black beans. What is the sauce on the yams?


PS - Re: The Wire... New season right after Deadwood ends. My viewing pleasure is complete! I've even got my husband hooked.


Now that is one eye catching photo! Who says vegan fare is boring?

Barbara (Biscuit Girl)

Oh my that looks so tasty!



And the produce stands too. We have some nice ones here. :)


Well, I sure do want to see you both having fun!!!!!!! It's wonderful that you will both be able to celebrate this way. But,if you both decide to just go out for food, that would certainly be a good thing too!


It's salsa from Dos Coyote here in Davis. We always get lots of the little containers of salsa when we go there (nearly every weekend, Bob is addicted to their salads).

Yes, The Wire is GREAT!!! I never would have suspected that the school system will be the focus this season.


Thank you! I did want to use color to make up for the absence of my cheese.


Hi!! Welcome back from your trip! Looking forward to seeing pictures of all your adventures.


Mmm, that ALL looks delicious. What a great idea, to crisp up the yams like that. And the whole meal is so colorful and pretty. Thanks for sharing.

P.S. I've heard from others about The Wire. Sometimes I think I should spring for HBO . . .

Soul Eating

These look superb!

What's the creamy green stuff on the yam?


Boca burgers are so gross! Morningstar veggie burgers are so good. Esp with soy sauce. Try them!

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