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August 19, 2006



heee heee upsie you look so funny in that head dress of yours! i bet you would be quite a vision in a burger king crown, hahaha. yup, you definately would. ask your mom what she ate at mustards grill so we can all live vicariously through her :)


She looks like shes having sooo much fun in the company of your Aunt (hahaha)..


I laugh so hard whenever Upsie takes over the keyboard! Love the hairpiece, Dahling!
And please do have your mom tell us about dining at Mustards Grill.


I love the first picture of Upsie getting cuddled; she does look very happy in your aunt's arms ;-)! And the Lion King or flower pictures are extremely cute. Upsie is such a great looking cat who seems to have an awesomely sweet character! I'd love to meet her...


I'll bet she wishes you and Auntie went to Napa every weekend!


Really love the fabulous tiara Upsie. You look absolutely adorable in it.


Upsie-You look fetching no matter what you wear. And you will do marvelously on Broadway, as well. Bravo, Upsie!


Upsie's lucky I don't live near her, because I'd cat nap her. I love how annoyed she looks!


Love it! Good old Upsie, looking quite chic and yet annoyed at the same time. And your trip sounds so fun. I hope we'll hear more about it, too. Did you buy some nice wine? Get any photos at the restaurant(s)? Mmm.


Ha! My cats have often had to endure CUI from me, as well as MDCUI (Making Cat Dance Under the Influence). What would I do for a creative outlet if I didn't have my cats to torment?



I ate way too much in Napa. I'm trying to be spartan to recover. But, I'm going to post about it tomorrow! Upsie was smart to stay home and eat well ballanced cat food.


Oh, she adores my cousin. In fact, Upsie was very happy with that thingy she's wearing in the picture. She was purring like crazy. Probably because my cousin kept telling her she looked so beautiful!


I think I can post something about food tomorrow. I swear, I really overdid it in Napa!!!! It was like watchinbg two people go on a food bender.


Wish you could meet her too! She has been very happy with company here and all the attention she is getting. I think she'll miss my cousin, even though I give her lots of affection.


Well, there were some really neat outfits I could have bought Upsie. But, I just couldn't justify buying her a fake mink stole! No way!


Upsie says thank you! She actually seemed to enjoy wearing it. I know that seems unbelievable.


LOL!! Well, now Upsie wants me to get her an agent, so she can crack the movies.


I'll tell you a little secret: Upsie seems to turn on an annoyed look as soon as I point the camera at her. Seriously. She will look happy and as soon as I try to take her picture, she turns into a Sean Penn type. But, I know she loves it! Why? Because she doesn't try to run away!


Yes, we had a great meal. I didn't get wine, because we have so much as it is!! (We get a lot of wine from people as gifts.) But, we ate so much food, I'm still not over it yet!


I was going to try and arrange a marriage between her and Kami--but I see you've already set him up with someone! :):)


Yes, they have to endure a lot. But, I know they love the attention. Upsie follows me around crying unless I show her attention at the proper time. She says it's all about her!!!!!

kross-eyed kitty

Upsie looks like a beautiful big sunflower! Sounds like you all had a great weekend

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

ahahh this is so funny!

Kimo & Sabi

Upsie, we like your hair thingy. The first photo kinda silly, but the second one...very regal - hail Cesaer Upsie!

Paw Search

Hi Upsie!!

You look just like Simba after he was ALL grown up!

Also, I was wondering if you were interested in joining our Circle of Cat Celebrities...which is for all those Glamour pusses out there!

If interested leave me an email or a comment on the site...and I'd love if you volunteered this particular picture of yourself (although the one in the hat is very cute as well)! :)


LOL!!! OH your poor cat!!! LOL!


upsie would fit in right here:



man she is wasted and that cat is ugly
and i want to shoot it

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