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August 15, 2006



Darn, I hadn't realized it was Julia's birthday! Looks like a fine and season-appropriate homage, at any rate.

Mmmm, bacon...


Wow. That's a beautiful salad. Happy Birthday, Julia!


That is simply lovely! And so full of yummy stuff.



Sher, it's beautiful! And I always love reading what you write about your kitchen experiences. Well done! Julia would be proud (and your mom too). I'm so glad we did this.

Definitely not everyday cooking, is it?! But then, no one said creating works of art was supposed to be easy, did they.


What a great tribute! I am so out of touch... I totally didn't even know it was her birthday.

Happy B-Day to the great lady!


I love your salad, and what a great post about Julia. I would have loved to have met her. (And darn, another blogging event I thought about doing and missed.)


I saw that photo with all the ingredients nicely laid out and had an instant vision of myself hoovering that line of bacon, face down in the bowl! I really need to stop reading your blog in the morning when I'm hungry.


Hi again Sher: My post and the round-up is up!



That does look like an incredible salad!



I admit that one reason I made this was the bacon. And I made sure to cook a few extra pieces, just for me. Well, I needed enegy to make the salad, didn't I?


Beastie will have a birthday soon!! I think about you and you're little "passenger" every day.


This was great fun and I hope you do it again next year!! I enjoyed looking at my Julia cookbooks. Some of them are splattered with food stains. :):) Thanks again.


Thank you. I do love all the ingredients--bacon, avocado, yum!


I didn't realize it either, until Lisa thought up this event. I'm glad she did because I got acquainted with my Julia cookbooks again. :):)


Thank you. Julia is very special to me because I watched her with my mother. And Julia really did change the way we see food in this country. I think she would love all the food blogs.


You are so funny, I read that before I had my coffee and it woke me up. The image of you with your head in the bowl is hilarious!


Thanks! I'm sure glad it tasted good. What a disappointment if it was so-so!


D-lish! I need to make that while the tomatoes are still at their peek. Great choice Sher!


sher that is a work of art! julia is definately smiling :) we have this running joke in our house where chris pretends he's this thurston howell the third character and asks me if i'd like a cobb shaaalad. he would fall over if i actually made this!


That is one lovely salad and I laughed so hard.

Thanks for a good job and such fun Sher.


ho-lee crap!
that is AWESOME!
wow Sher, i can't imagine a more fitting tribute to the great st. julia!!
rawk on!



i bet it tasted even better. it looks so delicious all tossed up.

i have to laugh, though, it reminds me of the curb your enthusiasm episode where larry makes so many substitutions when he orders a cobb salad, that it isn't really a cobb salad any more; he calls it a david salad. episode 13, trick or treat -- if you're a fan.

still, it doesn't measure up to your masterpiece. i know what's for dinner tomorrow, the sher salad!! ooooo-kay, a nod to julia's in order, too, of course.

thanks sher.



Yes, the tomatoes from the garden really make the salad GREAT! (Said in a Tony the tiger voice.)


That makes me giggle just imagining it. Thurston Howell! If you do make it, we all want to see the post! :) Thurston probably wants lobster in his.


Thanks--I think the South was starting to come out in me, just as I was ready to serve the salad. I wasn't gonna tolerate any foolishness!


Well, thank you! As you are the Master of salad Making, I appreciate that! :)


Oh, I am a huge Larry David fan and I missed the cobb salad episode! Argh! Time to buy the DVD's.

Well, if you make it, don't do it the way I did. Make things in advance!! And thanks!


Cobb salad is something I've only eaten in restaurants, although reading your post, I don't know why. Plus, it has bacon!


This looks delicious; great pix!


Gosh that looks delicious! And bacon, avocado, and blue cheese? Can't go wrong with that combination. Yum!


Great job Sher! That's a lot of work and you've done Julia proud.


julia sounds so familiar. is she the 'baking with julia' person? =)


Hi Sher,
I'm spotlighting this recipe as one of my "South Beach Recipes of the Week" where I share South Beach friendly recipes I find on other food blogs. I thought this looked fantastic.


oh I missed it as I was on a trip... I also went ecstatic when I saw you toss up that beautiful salad! And great writing Sher!


Excellent site I have bookmarked your site and I will come back soon! http://drunkenboys.rbbloggers.com/


How lovely to see this salad on your BLOG. It's one of my favorites and so much better than any of the cobb salads I've had out in restaurants.

Yours looked gorgeous and it truly is fun to toss up that precise design in front of a crowd (it truly is wonderful with Julia's French Onion Soup). Thanks for bringing back memories of a wonderful cookbook as well!

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