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July 14, 2006



Oh I love it. The George Clooney of tomato soups. If George invites you to his villa to make this soup, can I come along too? Maybe I can be your kitchen assistant of some kind. I was fully prepared not to like George any more after he left ER, and I think some of his film projects are a bit strange, but overall, his hotness ratio is as high as the projected temps for the weekend. (This from a woman who firmly believes that brains are the sexiest thing on a man.)


If George invites you, I call dibs for being smuggled over in your luggage! The soup is so simple it sounds divine!


I'm with you on the villa thing. I'm sure George could handle more than one soupmaker, so keep me in mind when the invite comes through. This looks delish. I grow tarragon too. Love it in chicken salad, and in potato salad.


see how fickle you are? You were going to work on my farm and now you're running off with George. My dog, your husband and Upsie are going to be pissed. Nice soup though.


lol, too funny!
i'll have to make this with my mom's beautiful tomatoes the next time i head upstate! (i'll simply call it the george clooney soup, she'll love that!)


Except for Steven, it seems we are unanimous in insisting on accompanying you on your trip to George's Italian villa. And, I predict that this beautiful soup will hereafter be referred to as George Clooney soup - as it should be.
Great post, Sher!

George Clooney

Oh, stop it ladies. I'm busy this weekend, over at Cookiecrumb's place. ;)

Sher, your recipe is hilarious: It's not soup, it's a bowl of tomatoes with sauce on top. I love it!!



I thought George's career took a dive after ER, but then I saw him in Brother, Where Art Thou? Sigh. That mustache, the hairnet and hair pomade. He made it work. Then I saw him giving interviews and he is very funny and charming. Then he bought the villa. That was it.

Glenna, Lisa, and Christine (and Kalyn),

It looks like there will be a gang of us visiting George. Maybe Brad will visit while we are there? I wonder if George is friends with Colin Firth? I've got to go splash water on my face.


George is just a diversion. It goes without saying that I'm still going to live and work on your farm.


You can call that recipe anything you want! Hmmm, so you're busy at Cookiecrumb's house. Busy doing what.............?


A bowl of color explosion !!!! Loved the photo.Thank you for the recipe.

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

I would love this soup! Lovely color! I will have to give it a try! I have a winter version for it, and I am a fan of tarragon!


All you ladies can fight over George Clooney, please leave Brad for me? :)

The soup looks wonderfully fresh and am sure very tasty with the taragon on top. Incidentally, i've never had tarragon before :(



Thank you, I do think that it better to fix fresh picked tomatoes in ways that preserve their color.


It does taste good in the winter too--just heat it up!


Tarragon has a slight anise like flavor. But, I think the dried tarragon is not very tasty. I prefer fresh, so I planted some.

Calendula & Concrete

George Clooney soup -- looks and sounds great. Can you create a Johnny Depp soup, too??! LOL!



What a great question! Hmm, what would be a Johnny Depp Soup? Something yummy, of course. But, it would need to be kind of complex, and not your average soup by any means. He lives in France, maybe onion soup? Naw--that's too simple. This is going to be on my mind!

Ulrike aka ostwestwind

But don't forget the "Martini" ;-)


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. Tarragon is actually one of my favorite herbs, but it does need to be used judiciously to get good results!



You are so right about tarragon. A little goes a long way. You have a very informative blog, by the way!


I stumbled upon this site as I was in the process of doing some online research. Never a fan of tarragon either - and I've traveled extensively and tried many combinations, but this looks/sounds mouth-watering - like chocolate almost.

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