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June 02, 2006



yummmmmmm... the colors are so beautiful. It looks like the perfect food for this wonderful hot weather we've been having. I had better get crackin' to make this before the last of the asparagus is still at the market!


seconds, please.


Like eating a work of art!


So pretty. Makes me hungry for potatoes.


May I ask why you chose to peel the potatoes? My inclination would be to leave the pretty red skins on, both for aesthetic and nutritional reasons. Force of habit, or more surface area to absorb the dressing?


This looks fabulous. I love dill with salmon. I also haven't had as much luck growing it as some other herbs. Maybe it's because when it gets really hot I get very lazy with the garden!


oh what a pretty dish! Me too, dill and salmon is one of my favorite.
I have dill in my yard, it looks pathetic though *sigh* When I have time I may take it a picture...



Yes, it's been getting hot here and that was nice to eat. I'm going to make more salads.

Steven & Glenna,

Thank you!


I haven't had potatoes that often in the last year, so it was a treat to have these.


I rarely peel potatoes, particularly small ones. But, the recipe suggested doing it and it turned out to be a good idea. The surface of the potatoes did make the vinaigrette cling to it much better than when they're not peeled. And the potatoes had a very creamy taste. But, I'm not about to peel baby potatoes again for a good while!


I don't know why I see dill growing by the roadside--but I have so darn much trouble growing it in my yard!


We should all take pictures of out pathetic dill! :):)


Another great salad!


I'm making this tonight and I'm very excited about it!


You (and me too) could have a new event "Pathetic Dill Blogging Weekend."

gabriella true

Wow. that is gorgeous. I love the fluffy dill in the rounded dish. Gorgeous. And it looks delicious too!



This has NOTHING to do with your tile or ginger chicken, BUT I've been messing with the corncake recipe (putting in more corn, making them thinner, blash blah blah) and I've discovered the best way to reheat them; IN THE TOASTER! They come out hot and crisp!


Gerald and Gabriella,

Thank you!!!


I hope you enjoyed the salad!


Weekend Dill Blogging--scary!


What a great idea! That's the perfect solution because toasting them would keep that delicate little crunch. Thanks for telling me about that. I'm going to try it.


My recipe for green beans:Green BeansANY vaeitry of fresh green beans.Snap the ends off .both ends about 1/4 inchWash a couple of times.Put in large soup/stock pan .or crock pot/slow cooker.Add 2 ham hocks (NOT the smoked ones) ..OR a large ham bone .or neck bones .for seasoning.Add 1 large chopped onion.Peel and quarter 4 or 5 potatoes add to pot.Cover with water.Cook over high heat .reduce medium heat .cook until beans are tender ..adding water as needed ..3-4 hours .when beans are tender .cook to reduce liquid you don't' want soupy green beans stirring often to keep from sticking to pot.Remove bones .any fat from ham hocks.Serve wth your choice of meats ..cornbread/muffins/biscuits b butter ..fresh sliced tomatoes.Note: Can substitute canned green beans.

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