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May 10, 2006



I'm rationing the last of my Aunt's raspberry preserves and my own tomatoes. I'm not going to make it!


If I were a lesser person I would say "Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah--she sent me a jar each of apricot and blueberry!" But here's the deal: I got exactly 1 Tbsp out of each before my husband sat down with a loaf of bread, the toaster, and each jar each time she sent one. Uh huh. I got to wash the jars. Uh huh. I guess the "nyah nyahs" are on me.



I know what you mean. Once you had home canned, you can't go back!!!!!!!!


You have to create a private stash. I have a friend--not saying who--and she puts out a jar of the jam for all to enjoy when I give it to her. But, she hides the other jars for herself. :):):)


Never in my life have I even considered making my own jam or preserves, as the idea scares me! Silly to be scared by something that turns out yummy, isn't it? I'm just not that good of a cook yet and have doubts, many doubts, of my abilities! My grandmother used to make the world's best pineapple jam and I'd give anything to taste it again, which means maybe I should give it a try.



Being able to grow your own vegetables & fruits is Great Living!

Our family has planted variety items this year, and we're eager to see the results.

I can wait till taste my Strawberries.



mmm... this looks so good. And thanks for the bread recipe. I'm going to give that one a try.


I had forgotten the name of the apricots I used to make preserves with in California and then it came to me...Blenheims! If you can get your hands on some, do..they are the best apricots ever!

Calendula & Concrete

I just found your site. Everything looks so yummy! Very cute kitty, too. I'll be back.


Yesterday I used up the last of the apricot Jam you gave me (must be over a year ago) and the jar is in my dish washwasher. So, when you come you can take it home and fill it up again please. I loved every drop. The bread you show here looks so o o



Making jam isn't that hard, but it can be very sweaty work, since the best fruit usually is available when it so hot!!! Yum, pimeapple jam is wonderful. I seem to recall that it can be a challenge when you use fresh pineapple? Or maybe it's the other way and it's harder to get it to gel when it's canned? Do you have your grandmother's recipe?


Ahh, fresh strawberries. I love them. And they are so much better than those tasteless things sold in the store.


Hope you enjoy the bread recipe. It's very easy, which is a good thing for whipping up at the last minute.


Yes--Blenheims!! They're supposed to be available soon, but heard we may not have a good crop because of all the rain we got earlier. They really are wonderful.

Calendula & Concrete,

Thanks for visiting--you have a great site.


Hopefully, I'll have some jam to bring you when I visit!


Okay, I can't even say anything about that amazing jam because my mouth is already watering too much, and continuing to think about it would simply be self-torture. : ) That bread, however, looks delicious and caught my eye immediately. So glad when I saw you'd posted the recipe. I've never made anything like it and am tempted to march into the kitchen and bake up a loaf right now (despite the fact that I currently have no homemade jam--of my own or anyone else's--on hand) Thanks!

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