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May 23, 2006



mm... pine nuts. I would have snagged some yogurt covered pretzels too.


Pine nuts are so incredible. What a steal!


I never ate pine nuts but after reading your post feel like joining you in eating.Hope to share my experience in future.It seems that it has highest protein than in any other nut.


If you're making pignoli biscotti I'm going to need directions to your house.



I have to admit--I love the malt balls.


I feel almost giddy. I've never been able to justify buying nearly a pound of pine nuts. A pound of Cowgirl Creamery Cheese, yes. Pine nuts, no. I know, where's the logic?


I hope you get to try them. They have a very distinctive taste and texture I think.


The biscotti would be so nice. I'll let you know when I'm ready to bake them! :):)


Pine nuts are the best! But I just can't believe that they cost that much! You must know someone who can send you some from some state where they are cheaper!!


Girl, get yourself back to the store, and buy ALL of them! Pine nuts freeze just wonderfully.


I agree with s'kat - I would have bought about 10 bucks worth and ate 'em with a spoon! When i first saw that pic, I thought - jeeeeze - that's so cheap for pine nuts! Hey Sher, make me some pesto please!

Barbara (Biscuit Girl)

S'kat is right. Pine nuts freeze wonderfully. I bought some a year ago and have been dipping into the freezer ever since to get some out for recipes. My favorite use for pine nuts is pesto. And with fresh basil at the Farmers market here each week, the pine nuts will soon be gone.


I need some good advice! I came into four pounds of pine nuts (oh boy!) and I bagged them in Ziplocs today. I was about to put them into the freezer but thought I'd better check around for information. One site says they must be frozen in Ziplocs with WATER to cover the nuts. Do you think this is necessary or beneficial? I appreciate your help!


I found myself making baklava at the request of a friend. What I didn't know at the outset of my preparations was that the kids had been into the pistachios! I did, however have a pound of pine nuts. I gave 'em a good sniff and thought... I bet that would be a nice compliment. I prepared the recipe as normal, but substituted 1/3 pine nuts, 1/3 pistachios, and 1/3 almonds (quantities depend upon size of batch, but normally it is 1/2 and 1/2 pistachios to almonds). AMAZING! I will always make it this way when I have pine nuts on hand!

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