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April 07, 2006



This looks so good and sooooo much healthier than what I had for lunch today to celebrate my job interview: pizza. Yep, pizza again. I'm too embarrassed to admit as much on my blog. T'mrow, I will be making this, as I love salad and adore shrimp. And eating healthy!


This is my favourite type of salad. And you know, I have access to so many exotic herbs and spices being in Asia but I always find myself falling back on coriander and mint because they are so wonderfully versatile, fragrant and kind on the system! Good on ya!


What gorgeous colors!



Will we hear about the job interview on your blog? I wish I could eat pizza at all. Acid reflux. Sigh. 'nuff said about that!


Yes, I have a certain taste I prefer and cilantro and mint (and fish sauce) are right at the top. And they taste so clean and refreshing.


Thank you. That's high praise from someone who has beautiful pictures on her blog!


I love the sound of this salad. The dressing sounds similar to something that I love at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, only there it's served with fried spring rolls and tiny noodles. All your food looks so good.



Thanks, I love your food!! And you're so consistant. This salad was so refreshing. The dressing is like the ones you get in a Vietnamese restaurant.

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