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April 15, 2006



OMG- this picture literally made me LOL. Upsie is so very obliging, isn't she? Happy Easter!


Upsie is a sweetie to let put on that bonnet. Mine would have tried to chew it off! Happy Easter to you.


Ha! That is quite the steely stare in the first photo!

clare eats

What a sweetie!


I couldn't resist commenting here after seeing these two photos.
That stare, ... very funny.
Happy Easter!

kross-eyed kitty

Upsie looks SOOOO not impressed! Very cute!


Awwww man, that's FUNNY! I love Upsie's expressions!~ He looks like a little grey lion!


Lovely, just lovely! And funny, too!


"Okay, Mom, you've had your fun- now get the dammned thing off me now!"



Kristi and Boo,

Yes, she tolerates it. We've had that hat for years and some cats try to kill it.

Shannon, Indira, Kross-eyed Kitty, and S'kat,

At least she purrs when she wears it. And she doesn't hide it. I had one cat that always hid it under the bed.

Laurie and Jenn,

Upsie thanks you--she aims to please. Sometimes. Occasionally.......


Hope your Easter was great. Ours was a lot of fun.


Oh he's so cute !! Is it a Maine-coon ?...



I've been told that she may have some Maine Coon Cat in her. Her paws are very big--like feline snow shoes--the better to walk on snow maybe?

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