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April 04, 2006



So simple and it's all right there in my pantry. Love this! Maybe it's a southern thing but I love beans and hominy or corn or fried potatoes mixed together. It's like a throw-down starch fest in your mouth and it's heavenly.

eqj (the chocolate lady)

I just have to say it!

Hominy hominy hominy!

I will be in Davis 5/14-18. I'll email you before then.


Ha! Perfect! I have both black beans and hominy in my pantry, desperate to be made useful.



Yes, my mom made hominy when my dad was in the military and funds were very tight. Then she stopped making it, which was too bad.

Chocolate Lady.

Great!!! I'll bring the hominy! We have some chocolate shops here too. :):)


Oh no! Desperate canned goods. You must let them fulfill their purpose in life.

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