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March 23, 2006



Great order, I'm going to have to go take a look! I know Kalyn (http://kalynskitchen.blogspot.com/) uses Penzey's, too, so they must be good :)


Ah, I was going to mention how I LOVE Penzeys, but I see that Erin has beat me to it. I keep hoping they will invite me to be a product tester for them. :)


Ah, Tellicherries! I always get that kind when I refill my spices at the Pike Place Market. So what makes Penzeys so special? I've never heard of them before?



Yes, Penzeys is great. The smell of their products alone will convince you. They're very potent because their spices and herbs are fresher than the ones in the supermarket, which often sit in warehouses for a shockingly long time before they even get to a grocery store.


That would be great if you could become a product tester! For one thing--they would send you all those spices and herbs for free, right? There are worse jobs in the world than testing products for Penzeys. I hope you are selected.


I love tellicherry peppercorns. There is a big difference between them and other peppercorns, I think. Penzeys is so well loved because the quality of their spices and herbs are so much better than supermarket brands. It's my understanding that they have longstanding relationships with herb and spice growers/brokers around the world and get the best of the crop, even though they are a small company. And the herbs and spices are sold quickly to customers and don't sit in warehouses or on supermarket shelves for eons. At least that's my understanding. Their Vietnamese cinnamon is to die for. Gosh--I sound like I'm getting payoffs from them!



I am lucky enough that I have a Penzey's right across the street from my work. I love spending time wandering around, sticking my nose in the sample jars and taking big wiffs of all the various spices. I end up with sensory overload by the time I leave. The Vietnamese cinnamon is my favorite for cinnamon rolls and the double strength vanilla is a standard in my cupboard now.


Ah, got it! I guess the equivalent here in Seattle is the Pike Place Market's Market Spice store. Seattle Bon Vivant has a photo of their spice rack; well, half of it at least!


Sher, you gotta come to Seattle sometime!



ARGH!!! You have a Penzey store across from where you work? I'm sooo jealous. That Vietnamese cinnamon and the vanilla are so potent.


Thanks for the cool link. I've always planned to see Seattle some day. I almost moved there!! So,it's in the cards, I think. Hope to see you when I do!

Boston Chef

Thanks for cluing us in to Penzey's - we are in desperate need of completely restocking our dried herbs (had them WAY too long and stored too close to the hot stove). Found that they have a store close to use (in Arlington, MA) so we'll be checking it out on this afternoon's errands! (IKEA trip, ugh...)


Oh boy!! IKEA! I went there once and actually got lost inside the store. I kept trying to follow the directions on the wall ("You are here") and it took me far too long to get out of there. Penzeys is such fun and the smell!!!!!!!! I used my new oregano last night and the sauce was so much better. Have fun!

Sarah C.

Penzeys, eh? I am going to have to check that out. Awesome blog! Your recipes are very unique...I'm going to have to give a few a try.


Sarah C,

Thanks, I like your blog a lot! I love it when I get great herbs and spices. No wonder they were so important through out history.


Well Anh, I for one am VERY excited you'll be pnotisg authentic Vietnamese veg dishes. VERY excited. This, as a taster of things to come, will be our dinner this evening. Girl, you really know how to make me hungry!

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