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March 18, 2006



Upsie is certainly gorgeous. And annoyed. And who could blame her (him?).


So funny! What a beautiful coat your cat has!

Cate O'Malley

Gorgeous cat. Is it a Himalayan? Growing up, we had quite a few. Beautiful cats. :)


A cat on duty, no doubt about it!!! I love the look in his face :) Hugs,

Boston Chef

That is one monster cat!!!

We've added a few cat pics to our weekend blogging, as well. Pics of our Irish Lamb Stew, too!



I like to watch birdies and chase them around too. Poor Upsie - it's a lot of work protecting a yard.

Lots of love

Boo the cat



The pigeons are so cocky around her, sometimes they land on the patio near her and flaunt themselves!


Yes, but it sure is work to keep the snarls out.


I suspect that she does have Himalayan in her bloodline. I was also told she might have Coon Cat genes as well. She was a stray, so who knows?


Right now she is on guard duty in the bed!

Boston Chef,

Upsie saw that lamb stew and wonders why she wasn't invited? :):)


Upsie has a crush on you. Are you seeing another cat?


I have a funny cat picture I snapped over the weekend while eating lunch for all you Weekend Cat Bloggers:


Hope you enjoy it!


My husband and I are sitting here laughing our @%%&% off!



Upsie says "Good"!!! She really appreciates people who enjoy her feline wit!


I once saw a guy in San Francisco with two cats on his shoulders just like that. Is that a big city thang?


I guess that's how you walk a cat in a big city!

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