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March 20, 2006



Very nice plating! I wasn't a big fan of tarragon for a long time, but it's slowly grown on me.


I adore tarragon. It's the sexiest of spices for me--there's something very sensual about the way it smells. I'll have to try this, as I usually associate tarragon with chicken. And I loves me some salmon!



Thank you, Chef. :):) This tarragon butter was nice. I only needed a dab to add a good flavor.



There was somethng about the vinegar with the tarragon that went so well with the salmon. I have a lot of the butter left over, so I'm going to freeze some of it. I love to do that with pesto. I make a huge amount and freeze it into cubes. Then I can throw a cube into soup or sauce.


This looks great, I can't say I've ever tried terragon, I'd better get on that..


This sounds just fantastic. I am also one of those who is a bit wishy-washy on tarragon, but I think I would like this. And I love bernaise sauce too, so maybe I like it more than I think I do.



I do recommend that you get the fresh variety. I'm so happy that a good supply of fresh herbs are available to us at the grocery store now.


I agree you. I haven't always been a big tarragon fan. Part of that may have been not having access to it when it's fresh. The dried stuff doesn't taste very good to me. And I think it tastes great paired with vinegar

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