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February 18, 2006



I hate liquorice but strangely enough I like fennel. This looks like an amazing salad - a definitely Must Try! Yums!


But here's my fear: what if you're trying to trick me and when I bite into it I'll think I'm eating a string of black licorice that just happens to be disguised as a vegetable? I might throw up and I really hate to throw up. It makes me sick to throw up. So I see avoiding fennel as keeping myself healthy.

You're going to make me conquer this phobia, aren't you?

I'll have to get a fenbotomy to conquer my fenphobia or start a 12-step program where the meetings consist of eating fennel and chasing it with Jagermeister shooters...

Sigh. Okay. Next time I'm at the grocery I'll look the fennel in the eye, make friends with it, and bring it home with me.


Hi MM, I just got through reading your amazing Herb Blogging post on your site. WOW!

Back to the fennel--even though I love it,
I still hate licorice.

Glenna, I feel sure that you and fennel are destined to be great friends.


I'm so sorry I missed you for Fennel Round-up! In March, it's broccoli rabe if you're so inclined!

PS Embedded hyperlinks apparently don't work so here are the links --



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